Monday, July 23, 2007

Who is better than Mediamax?

The Mediamax / Streamload system was great when it worked, but it has fallen over. Though uploads are now working again for me, some of my old mp3 files no longer stream or download. As I wrote last time, even uploading the file again does not solve the problem - it seem the contents of the file have to be changed for the old, inaccessible file to be replaced.

So I've been trying some alternatives. Last time I wrote about esnips and omnidrive, which don't quite cover all I want to do with mp3 files.

Now I am trying See:

This has a widget for embedding a player in a web-page. You can create a public direct link to the file. I've pasted that into my browser and it streams into the Quicktime plugin (which omnidrive doesn't support). It also works with the iTunes player.

Oh, and the file I tested this with is the one I have been uploading to Mediamax which won't play from that sytem. Of course, Mediamax haven't responded to me on this problem.

The only issue I have with is that, unlike with Mediamax, the track data with the mp3 file isn't displaying on the players and the file name is not the one you give it, but one the system creates. So it's not obvious what is playing.

From the posts on this blog it seems that even if Mediamax sorts out this round of problems, it is likely a whole host more will arise without warning. Looking through their blog you see a whole host of postings about other upgrades which have made the system fall to pieces.

There are some other options. Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Mediamax isn't just hopelessly incompetent, its corrupt and borderline evil! It's corrupt because its still taking money for a service that doesnt work. And its evil because it must be aware of the incredible stress this is causing to so many people but its doing nothing to ease that pain. Just a few honest words of understanding on their blog would help, instead of the BS and lies they are posting.

Anonymous said...

It depends for what you were using MediaMax. If you have only a small number of files then I'd advise you to switch to another online storage service immediatly. If you however like me have a vast archive that totals around 2+ TB then you're pretty much stuck .... I've looked around and nobody, and I do mean nobody matches the offer of unlimited storage space and bandwith cost.

Anonymous said...

Check as alternative...

Anonymous said...

There is another start up MEMOPAL (WWW.MEMOPAL.COM), still in beta version but very smart to use. For now 250 GB free.