Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More good things are coming our way....

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Hello Uploaders and Downloaders!

Update on the update: Uploading continues to work much better - and you have all demonstrated that with your voracious appetite to consume MediaMax disk space. No problem, we love your files, and thanks for uploading.

However, with the new upload processing system, during peak loads we do get a little behind in processing your files. Right now, for example, there is no backup in the upload queue and files that are uploaded will appear nearly instantaneously in your account (files that are 500 MB or more may take 60+ seconds though). However, during peak loads (e.g. today around 2 PM Pacific Time) we could not process the uploads fast enough. We’re working on adding capacity, but during those times it may take as long as an hour for your upload to appear in your account. Sorry about that, and we’ll get things snappy again as soon as possible.

Speaking of snappy, welcome to the speedy new MediaMax database and user interface. You’ll notice the Photo, Video, and Music tabs are gone. They were not working well and quite frankly were not popular with you guys. All your photo, video, and music files that were under these “tabs” are still in your account, just now only under ‘File Manager’ as they always were. Very few users used these tabs, but they significantly increased the load on the database. You’ll notice that MediaMax is now much faster to use.

Thanks again for using MediaMax and reading this blog, and more good things are coming our way…

- Team MediaMax


For me uploading is working, but as previously written, I'm shifting to another system, because some of my mp3 streams still do not work and uploading on Mediamax doesn't solve the problem (same files play if uploaded on the competition). I've had no response from Mediamax to any of my emails over the past weeks, other than the automated ones.


Anonymous said...

Like I said on this place ( also the problems with MM are FAR from fixed.

The keep telling and promising that things will be fixed, but for me their service basically has broken down since octobre 2006 not to mention their fiasco with the odd characters that went one half a year before that.

I feel so glad that my account is paid for until somewhere around august 2008.

Anonymous said...

My video files still arn't working, and they have not responded to my emails asking for a refund and my account to be cancelled.

I can't wait for them to go bust.

Anonymous said...

Since I spend some 5 years building a video archive on MM that now runs in the terrabytes I'd rather see them finally getting their act together :-(

Anonymous said...

They have been finally getting their act together....since last July.

It isn't going to happen mate, you are just better off cutting your losses.