Saturday, July 28, 2007

Communication established with Mediamax

As mentioned previously Mr. John Hood, Director of Customer Support at Mediamax, left a comment on this blog, after which I formally welcomed him.

I'm pleased to say John has responded to some of the specific questions raised here and has offered to drop by to leave additional information.

If you have left a comment raising a particular issue, keep an eye on it as you may find an answer. I'll flag up anything in a new posting that I think is of general interest.

Here is John's comment left here:



As we've stated on the blog we're working on restoring access to files. We do not have an ETA for completion but will post on both of our blogs and here when it's done.

We're posting all refund requests in the order received. Due to an unusually high volume of email there will be a delay in responding but we will get to every email. Thanks for your patience.

We don't allow comments on the blog because we don't the manpower to manage it and respond. We're a small start up of less than a dozen people. We feel that it's more important that all of us work at restoring service instead of pulling one of us off that work to manage the blog. Having said that, I'll try to check on here when I can to respond to your posts.


John Hood


Anonymous said...

Restoring access to files, restoring normal upload services and last but not least restoring the file manager in good and proper functioning order. All of which there is no ETA when it will happen even if some of the problems are nearly a year old. To paraphrase a quote from a game: "even the elderly get tired of waiting".

Oh .. it must be an oversight, but the last post on the new blog allows for comments so I've taken the opportunity to do so.

Anonymous said...

"We're a small start up of less than a dozen people."

Thats funny, I thought they were "the worlds largest online media centre".

Albatross said...

I also posted this in the Yahoo Group

Having been a member since in 2002, dropping and then renewing in 2004, it was great for a bit, but as everyone knows, it has been worthless for the past year.

I did some checking, tracked a number down on about the 30th page of a Google search, and actually spoke with a woman who worked a PR company that handles SL/MM and she let slip, what I inferred at the time, would be a company re-org and split. MM is not a small company when you look at the corporate clientele and as such, I seriously think they want to get rid of ALL of we small accounts, even we paying accounts.

I am sure you noticed that we can no longer track what we downloaded and when since the change to MM, but has anyone noticed, if you are on the Extended Plan- 50GB per month, that you do not get the full amount each month even though it was sold as such. I have calculated that they owe me at least 25GB in actual DL because of the short-changing the 50GB to 48GB.

A similar problem is that from at least February until I really started paying attention to DL remaining in April, I was being double and triple charged from my download allotment. Let me explain in a bit more detail. I found that I really hated the new MM download software that wanted to run as a SERVICE, not as an application so I un-installed it. I had found in the past anyway that if I wanted to download anything, it was best to set it up in Firefox, then grab the link and then past it into Opera which was blinding fast at grabbing the download. Worked great under SL with never a problem, but under MM, all of a sudden my download charges were double and triple the actual size of the file. If it was 150MB download, MM removed 300-450MB. NEVER the actual amount. My complaint about this was answered by saying they never received the E-mail complaint and then stated that my download allotment was correct and I was wrong. I contacted one of the groups I belong to about this and several members ALSO have had the same problem.

Lastly, is the cheating on the billing that SL/MM has pulled and the countless hours it has taken to document, E-mail, Reply, and then finally have both PayPal and the threat of legal action finally get things corrected, but this was before the above mentioned problems.

I have spoken to another about this and he does not think that it is just 3-4 guys working, but a concerted effort by MM to boot us older, paying and Grandfathered accounts so that others will re-sell their services under what they consider MUCH more favorable terms for MM than those of us who "brung them to the dance".

Anyone else?


WillTRiker said...

[quote]but a concerted effort by MM to boot us older, paying and Grandfathered accounts[/quote]

This part is somewhat of a conspiracy theory running around in my own community as well. Especially because the errors and bugs we've been experiencing AND reporting to MM doesn't seem to get fixed even though some are a year old already.

I don't care how difficult it is to fix a system, but as a business that makes it's money from the ever online internet it's absolutely ridicilous that they still are busy (or supposedly busy) fixing things that should have been fixed shortly after becoming aware of them.

The fact that we didn't hear MM losing business customers (like their deal with AMD) suggest that corporate customers haven't had to deal with our problems otherwise repurcussion of that would have been visible by means of cancellation of contracts, lawsuits ... unless they managed to keep it under the table. This also adds more fuel to the theory that MM wants to get rid of individual users (grandfathered or not) in favour of their business clients.

It is argued that all resources MM has (and seeing that they have very few staff that basically means everybody) went to their business clients as one of them quitting is infinitely worse for them then a couple of 'ordinary' people like us quitting. It also raises the question wether or not the business clients of MM are on another server or perhaps another version of MM that actually works adding yet again more fuel to the speculation MM wants to get rid of their 'small' fry.

It's up to the staff of MM and a very speedy fixing of their bug riddled system to prove this theory wrong.

Luzo Orbit said...

I'm not sure I follow this conspiracy theory. Mediamax are still signing up individual users.