Friday, July 27, 2007

Mediamax is listening - but has lost our emails

This is hilarious. Today on the Mediamax blog it tells us they are listening.... but seem to have lost all the emails we have sent!

Let's take up the offer and send another.

As usual you can't comment on the Mediamax blog, so leave comments here.

This is their latest posting:


We’re Listening!

We understand your frustration with the slow response time from MediaMax Customer Support. Due to higher volume than normal our turn around has slowed considerably. We have addressed this situation by switching to another Email Response Management system that will enable us to improve response time. If you have sent an email recently and haven’t heard from us please shoot us another one. We’ll answer every single query as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks for your support and your business!



Anonymous said...

Translation .... we killed all your complaints as we were completly swamped with them and because we think the problems are mostly solved anyway. Hopefully I'm one of the first to take them up on their offter to mail them again so I get a live answer instead of the dozens of automated I already have. Not that I'm actually expecting anything ... MM has build up a very impressive trackrecord this last year of letting it's customers down. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

They are not listening.....they never have listened...and they won't ever listen.

They are becoming a laughing stock.

John Hood said...

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are most definitely listening (and reading...)
We were swamped with emails which slowed down response times as I said in my post. We've got a better ERM system now and are up to the challenge. Please shoot us an email.

John Hood
Director of Customer Support

Anonymous said...

Hi John, I remember your name. Even if you at support read all our mail the fact of the matter is that the issues with MediaMax aren't getting resolved. Hell, I actually couldn't care less about a personal response to my email as long if there was any sign that you've acknowledged the problem and that you are busy fixing it (within a reasonable timeframe).

I've not been able to upload for over a month to you guys and I've got 10,000+ files waiting to be transferred to my file manager, but which I can't do because of a bug that's been present since octobre 2006 ... yes, 2006. You read that right. So forgive me if I sound overly sceptical and sarcastic, but I've paid almost a years fee for my account without being able to use it as it is intended and advertised.

Much as I welcome a live person from MM itself I'm afraid that you have around zero credibility with a good portion of your users. We've been told and promised to much to often only to become disillusioned every single time. I assume it's you that promised to get back to us within a day concerning the FTP discussion on the Yahoo group I also visit ... I'm still waiting.

John Hood said...


I'm not familiar with the FTP group that you're referring too. If you could post the link I'd be happy to check it out and follow up with you.

I'd also like to hear which error you are experiencing with your files.


John Hood

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

it's not an FTP group, it's a Yahoo group which is basically meant for the discussions of API users, but as the non-upload issue affects us all it cropped up over there as well. You can find it here:

As for the problems with my files ... here we go again ... I have written about this at least half a dozen of times again, but oh well you never know if I get through this time.

The problem is that moving, copying in and to the filemanger as well as renaming actions in the filemanager can have the nasty effect of either moving files at random or even outright deleting file at random from the filemanager.

A case of one of my previous mails to support: "I had uploaded a file Petopeto-san - 10 [Doremi-Fansubs&Sailor Spork Productions] [re-up].avi to the folder My Uploads which resides in the file manager. When it got there I wanted it moved to it designated folder which would be "My Files » P [Anime] » Petopeto-san » Petopeto-san" so I did a move action on the file. The basis intent of this has worked ... the file that was in the My Uploads folder is now indeed in "My Files » P [Anime] » Petopeto-san » Petopeto-san" .... what I didn't want though was that 46 other folders that originally were located in "My Files » P [Anime] now also have ended up in "My Files » P [Anime] » Petopeto-san » Petopeto-san"."

In another mail: "I just lost 145 folders with probably a couple of 1000s of files which represents an untold hours spend on cataloging it all after another accident from the oh so safe MediaMax. The previous message about this critical bug got ticket [ #IJK-84329-648].

I had, and still have, a couple of files located in Saved Attachements/##Folder of Doom (all NA) on page 42 (see ps below). They were Mai-HiME (DVD) - 14 [Baka-Anime].mkv till Mai-HiME (DVD) - 19 [Baka-Anime].mkv and I wanted to move these to FileManager / M / Mai-HiME/ Mai-HiME (DVD) [Baka-Anime] so I selected the files and did a move action.

This got hit with the General system error 0001. When I went over to the FileManger / M I immediately noticed that something had gone horribly wrong. Before the move action and the error I got there were 167 folder (with lots of them having subfolders and all containing files) in there. Now I have only 45 folder left there. Needless to say the principal Mai-HiME folder and all it's subfolders including content are gone.

Doing a search for Mai-HIME files yields 97 results. Nearly all of them are in several NA folders I keep scattered through my account except for 1 of 2 occurances of Mai-HiME (DVD) 13 [Exiled-Destiny].mkv till Mai-HiME (DVD) 16 [Exiled-Destiny].mkv. Keeping the mouse over these files the popup says these files should be in WillTRiker / FileManager / M [Anime] / Mai-HiME / Mai-HiME (DVD) [Exiled-Destiny] ... pressing the link to go to there will get this error message "Path not found. The path you have taken leads to an unknown location.""

Also when you guys 'solved' the odd character issue you evaporated a good number of my folders/files. Some of them can be found with help of the search function (that's still next to useless btw), but if you click on files found you get "There are no files to download".

It's because of this problem all the stuff that I upload and get send piles up in my saved attachement folder as I don't dare move/copy them to my archive in the file manager as I could loose or mess up even more.

I'd like you to pay special attention to this post .... one of MM own employees claims there is a fix, but that's been hold back because of a problem in a bundle of fixes. Seeing I'm waiting since octobre 2006 how long do you intend me to wait more?

Same goes for your uploading problems ... they aren't fixed. I used MM XL, your own product for this, and I used to be able to upload at 200KB ... now it's 5Kb. Not that I really bother trying anyway as it stalls more often then not and when it does not half of it doesn't show up anyway.

You think you can finally fix this?

john said...

Hey WillTRiker,

Okay, I'm aware of that group. The MM employee was absolutely right. This error effects large accounts of 2TB or more. We had a fix ready but a couple of the other items in that deploy weren't up to par.

We're currently trying to find another way to resolve the issue.

John Hood

Anonymous said...

Please see that you do as waiting since octobre 2006 to able to do anything with my account is a tad much wouldn't you agree?

Also the uploading issue deserves a lot more priority. Your FTP is down for way to long (why can't develop a new FTP function without having to shut your server down?) and even your own MM XL hardly functions at all. Tried to upload 1 file ... it was horrendously slow and even after 24 hours it wouldn't fully upload (stalled at 99%) and now MM XL won't even let me log in.

Also your processing service is still far from fixed ... from what I hear from community members it still eats around 50% of the uploads that we do manage to get done.