Sunday, July 22, 2007

Streamload blog 21 July - not true for me!

This was posted on the Streamload blog yesterday:

---quote begins

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience through our major migration to a new datacenter. The worst of it is behind us. Processing of uploaded files “caught up” late last night for all your files that you uploaded over the last couple days and new uploads should now be in your account. Please note: there is still some bottlenecks in the new system when processing uploaded files, especially large files, so it may take up to a minute for your file to appear in your account after it’s uploaded. Just refresh your browser or click on ‘File Manager’ again to see your recently uploaded files.

We do still have an outstanding problem with downloading some files and thumbnails. When you attempt to download these files, an “ooops and error occurred” message will appear. We are working to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

-Team MediaMax


As usual comments are disabled on the Streamload blog. So leave yours here and email

I've just checked my account and files I've uploaded over the past three weeks have still not appeared. A couple of days ago, one file did appear. I didn't get too excited and post the news here, but tried uploading another. That one has still not appeared.

People have left many comments on this blog saying the same thing about files not appearing. So have they now, as Mediamax claims?

And my old hosted mp3 files that wouldn't stream? Still not working.

I've been investigating some other systems and not come up with a definitive solution yet. If you are wanting to embed an mp3 file in a webpage you could try:

This give you a choice of widgets - just copy and paste the code to your page and you get a groovy player. You can't link direct to the file though, if you want to use your own player or stream it into iTunes.

A host which does allow you to stream into other players is:

This is streaming into iTunes okay - I put the file link in my .xml file. However, it doesn't work with a browser Quicktime plugin. Their support came back quickly to say it on works with the Windows Media Player.

The combination of the two means I'm no longer reliant on Mediamax (hurrah), but I need a better solution. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever hated a company as much as i currently hate mediamax. I should have known to stay away from them when i saw how slow my free account opened. I emailed them (a couple of months ago) and said "why is it so slow?" The LIARS said I must have a problem at my end! Foolishly I went ahead and paid for an annual account. Now I can't download most of the files in my account. I'm afraid these may be lost for good, and they were the only copies I had. What we need is a group where we can discuss this and compare issues and fixes. I can upload OK but I cant download most of the pdf's that have been uploaded in the last month. How about starting something like a Yahoo group?

Anonymous said...

A Yahoo group has been started to discuss online file storage and sharing. Anyone can join instantly.

Anonymous said...

Joshua P. Allem said...

It could be just a fluke, but so far I've been able to upload several files and they appeared in the File Manager within a few minutes. Hopefully, this is it.

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to re-iterate what I have already posetd about Mediamax.

These issues haven’t just started because of the server move.

The service has not worked properly since August 06, when Mediamax changed from Streamload.

You are wasting your time having anything to do with them, and what ever you do, do not give them your credit card details.

There is no way to cancel your account except via their Customer Services (Ha ha!)
department, and we know what a joke that is.

They did not inform their paying customers about the server via any sort of newsletter, they just went ahead and did it.

They have not credited any accounts even though the service hasn’t worked for the three weeks since the move, quite the opposite, they have continued to charge.

This company is scum and I can’t wait for the day they go bust.

Streamload /Mediamax paying customer since 04 – Not any more!

cubrilovic said...

Hi everyone. I am the CEO of Omnidrive ( We are still in development and will be launching our 1.0 release shortly, but let us know what you would like to see or do with Omnidrive and we will take it onboard


Davo said...

Nik, thanks for the offer, appreciated.

I will take a look at your site and check it out. What attracts me to MediaMax was the size of their paid accounts. In comparison Omnidrive's are more expensive.

I suppose in the interest of reliability this may be some of the cause of their flakyness and reliability.

Maybe I'll have to re adjust my idea of a value for money price point.