Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome Mr. John Hood from Mediamax

I would like to formally welcome Mr. John Hood, Director of Customer Support at Mediamax to this blog. I have been alerting Mediamax to its existance since setting it up, so nice for someone to drop by.

This is Mr. Hood's reply to comments on an earlier entry about the lack of response to emails:

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are most definitely listening (and reading...)
We were swamped with emails which slowed down response times as I said in my post. We've got a better ERM system now and are up to the challenge. Please shoot us an email.

John Hood
Director of Customer Support

I'd like to invite Mr. Hood to respond to some of the other key concerns people have been raising here. Specifically:

1. When can we expect files that no longer stream or download to be accessible again?

2. As there appear to have been breakdowns in service periodically since Mediamax took over Streamload, how can we have any confidence that there won't be more? Some users have lost access to files for the past month. This is not a minor issue.

3. What compensation will be offered to users? How about extending the billing period by twice the down time? Two months extension owed so far. Those off us who have had to go to extra expense and trouble to put services like podcasts back on air would perhaps see this as getting off lightly.

4. When will refunds be made to people who have been billed after closing their accounts?

Feel free to leave answers in a comment or I can give you posting rights if you contact me.

Alternatively why not answer these questions on the Mediamax blog and allow people to comment there?


Derek said...

So the director of "customer relations" is nothing more than a Hood??? How appropriate...

I would also like to throw in my two cents that you should GET OUT of this service if at all possible. It is a complete rip-off. I've been a customer for around two years and LOVED the streamload service -- it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Then they moved to this crap mediamax and it has been nothing but trouble ever since. I am trapped because of the large amount of files I had up there when it was a good service. I've asked for refunds of all my money since the switch to mediamax. I get responses to my e-mail -- but just the generic response that says thay got my message and will get back to me as soon as possible. Guess how many times they've "gotten back" to me??? I won't even bother posting the number because the number you just guessed IS the right number.

Also, my last e-mail to billing finally came back with a return to sender saying there was no such address. I can believe it!!

Here's a copy of my last letter to them that never received a response:

Hi there--

I'm writing to several of you at once because this company has some serious issues...

I've been a customer for several months -- many months before you made the switch from streamload to mediamax. Back in the days of streamload -- things went fairly well -- at least for myself. I was able to upload consistently and I could count on my file showing up after upload.

Ever since your change to mediamax -- things have been totally out of whack. I don't need to tell you this -- all of you are WELL AWARE of this.

The first big change was a boondoggle (from streamload to mediamax) was a complete disaster. I remember you wrote out a million times to never release (or rush) software before it was ready. Well, you should have written it some more because you pushed us all through that and it sucked for WEEKS. Nothing worked right and it took several weeks before I could upload a file and I could count on it appearing. Also, some of my files didn't make the transfer and STILL have never made the transfer. I've given up on those and now mainly use your service as a way to transfer large files to another user -- I can no longer rely on it as back up.

Then there was yet the ANOTHER glorious change to provide BETTER SERVICE... Wow -- nice service. You were down for about two weeks straight and AGAIN I am unable to even upload a file for a week or so after you are back up. Now, I CAN upload files, but they just never show up. Nice. Love the improvements.

How in the world do you guys stay in business?? Seriously???!

I hate to diss you so bad because then you're always afraid of even worse service, but I figure what in the hell do I have to lose? It can't get any worse than it is now, since the service is completely useless (AGAIN) to me.

My user name is: XXXXXXXX

Feel free to take a look and see if you can kick start my account back to life again somehow. If you can great and if you can give me a refund for the time since you've switched over to the "great" mediamax, that would be great too. I'll still hang on as a customer to see if things improve over the next week or so. If not, there's plenty of other services out there that might at least work.

Thanks for your time. You seriously used to be a great company. I don't know what caused your implosion over there, but I wish you all the best in the future!



P.S. When an update that is taking several days starts to suddenly take several MORE days -- here's a suggestion for you... Don't change your blog entry to read, mediamax should be up by Wednesday and then just go into the same blog entry and change Wednesday to Thursday -- then Thursday to Friday -- then Friday to Saturday -- then Saturday to Sunday. Please make another entry EACH day and say sorry --- we're still providing you this great service and it will take yet ANOTHER day or two or five!! I know it's easier to just change the original entry and make it look like this was your plan all along -- but seriously -- ouch...

Anonymous said...

I requested accound cancellation a month ago and have heard nothing.

I have just tried to get some of my files back and guess what...I'm out of downloads.

So for the last year I have paid for a service that hasn't worked since August 06, and now I can't have my files either.

I want my money back and I want my files back.

Anonymous said...

So John says Mediamax are listening, well I have just sent him this -

According to the new Mediamax blog (which I see you have now removed), you posted that you are listening....well...

I suggest you listen to this:-

I want a full refund for all the money you have taken from me since August 06.

Mediamax has not worked with any consisitency since that date.

You may also want to listen to this -

Numerous postings about Mediamax, and to be honest I hope your finished.

I requested account cancellation a month ago and have heard nothing.

I have just tried to get some of my files back and guess what...I'm out of downloads.

So for the last year I have paid for a service that hasn't worked since August 06, and now I can't have my files either.

I want my money back and I want my files back.

Do you hear me, John ?

Username - *********

I will let you know if John is listening - if I ever get a response.


Anonymous said...

Ok I have just got the automated email from Mediamax relating to the above post -


Thank you for contacting the MediaMax Customer Support Team! There is no need to reply to this message. Your email will be answered as quickly and efficiently as possible by one of our trained support staff. Due to abnormally high email volume it may take longer than normal for you to receive a reply. For the latest site update please read and subscribe to our blog at

We are working around the clock to correct the situation with temporarily unavailable files. We will post updates on the blog as issues are resolved.

Your e-mail has generated Ticket ID# HJY-62992-380. Please use the ticket number when referring to this issue in the future.

Be sure to add to your contact list or accepted sender list to ensure proper delivery of MediaMax e-mails.

Thank you for contacting MediaMax! We look forward to serving you.


MediaMax Customer Support

So John, if Mediamax are listening then I will be expecting a response to Ticket ID# HJY-62992-380 very shortly.


John Hood said...


As we've stated on the blog we're working on restoring access to files. We do not have an ETA for completion but will post on both of our blogs and here when it's done.

We're posting all refund requests in the order received. Due to an unusually high volume of email there will be a delay in responding but we will get to every email. Thanks for your patience.

We don't allow comments on the blog because we don't the manpower to manage it and respond. We're a small start up of less than a dozen people. We feel that it's more important that all of us work at restoring service instead of pulling one of us off that work to manage the blog. Having said that, I'll try to check on here when I can to respond to your posts.


John Hood

Anonymous said...


So I got a response from Mediamax -

> Dear David,
> Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear of the ongoing issues. We
> can't issue refunds. As compensation for any issues you have been
> experiencing, we would be willing to offer you 3 months worth of free
> extra downloads to be used anytime over the next year if you choose to
> keep your account open. Please let us know if you would be interested in
> this. Thank you.
> We also suggest you subscribe to the blog to stay on top of the latest
> news.
> Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.
> Thank you for your continued patience.
> Cheers,
> Esteban
> Streamload MediaMax Support
> Streamload MediaMax Username: Support

***My reply to the response***

No, you will do refunds as I have paid for a service you have not provided and I want my money back.

I sent you an email a month ago cancelling my account, which you have still not acknowledged so why the hell would I want 3 months of free extra downloads when Mediamax doesn't work in the first place.

3 months of nothing = Errmmm....NOTHING.

You have taken my money and not provided the service you supposedly offer.

Now, common sense tells me that I don't go giving money out for free so I want it back.

"I am sorry to hear of the ongoing issues."

No your not, you couldn't care less.

"Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Thank you for your continued patience."

Don't make me laugh, your causing people an untold amount of problems, yet your are still taking money from them, and as for patience, well we've been
patient since August 06 and mine has run out.

I want a full refund for the last year otherwise you will be hearing from my lawyer.

I also want my files back that I now can't get due to apparently having run out of downloads.
(How can I run out of downloads when Mediamax hasn't worked for a year?)

Now having read the above comment from John Hood and I quote "We're posting all refund requests in the order received."

So your customer service is saying you don't give refunds and John is saying they do...So I will be expecting a full refund for all monies paid since August 06.

I will post up the response if/when it arrives.


Anonymous said...

And just to further cross reference these emails - I have sent the customers service guy who responded the following email -

Please see the following quote from John Hood (Director of Customer Support
at Mediamax) regarding Mediamax refunds -

"We're posting all refund requests in the order received. Due to an
unusually high volume of email there will be a delay in responding but we
will get to every email. Thanks for your patience."

As posted in this blog -

I expect a full refund from August 06.



Will update if I hear anything back.


Anonymous said...

No response to the emails today as I got home from work.

Mediamax is still showing me as out of downloads.

Still can't get my files.

Hey John, can you hear us?


John Hood said...


I'm be being fair and honest in my responses. I would humbly request that you do the same. You and I both know that I emailed you this past Saturday informing you that I had posted a refund to your account. I hope that you post that letter as well as Esteban's.

I will now check in to your download issue. They'll be updated within 5 minutes.


John Hood

Anonymous said...

Hi John, just a friendly reminder that I haven't seen a reaction to my reply to your enquiries yet ... then again, those problems go way beyond a some subscription mess up. Noticed also that the comment function on the last post on the new blog has been deactivated and the comments that were made prior to that are deleted (or made invisible which amounts to the same).

john said...

Sorry about that. Which enquiry is yours?

John Hood

john said...

And to respond to Derek, in spite of the fact that he made fun of my name: what address did you send your query to?


John HOOD :p

Anonymous said...

Quote from Mr Hood in above post -

“You and I both know that I emailed you this past Saturday informing you that I had posted a refund to your account.”

Now I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here John,

But no, I didn’t receive anything from you on Saturday regarding a refund on my account.

The only email I received from Mediamax on Saturday was the one from Esteban.

Now, I would suggest that you send the email again within the next 24 hours and I will post it up happily in the interests of fairness.

Lets also not forget John, I am talking about a full refund of all monies taken since August 06 as this is the time Mediamax stopped working.

I see that you have credited my account so I can get my files, however I still can’t download my flv files.

There is also no sign of my credit card been refunded.

Also let’s distinguish that crediting my account with bandwidth and refunding my money are two different things and I want both.

So, over to you John, the clock is ticking….I await your email.


Anonymous said...

Just checked my back account and true to Mr Hood's word I have a refund for $99.50.

My flv files are still not available.

Just need my files back and the nightmare will be over.


Deanstream said...

I purchased on-line storage space from MediaMax (which is powered by Streamload) on February 11, 2007. The price for a years subscription was $44.95 which was paid through PayPal services.

The purpose for the on-line storage space is to upload files at an outside facility that become retrievable by directly accessing the paid account. Another purpose of storing various types of files is to share specific files on other internet sites, such as MySpace.

My complaint against MediaMax/Streamload is that they will not respond to my requests to fix the continued and ongoing problems that I have had with uploading files. This is the whole point of paying for their services, yet they apparently feel that they have no obligation whatsoever to service their customers.

I did not pay a year's subscription for the aches, pain, and heartache of not being able to utilize the service that they advertised.

I have written well over a dozen e-mail letters to several addresses that MediaMax provides just to have them generate an acknowledgment with an assigned number, along with an empty promise that someone would get back to me. I've only received two responses from a so called technician that blames the problems that I have been experiencing on computer glitches or server problems, then promises that they will be fixed. They never are.

I have suggested in both e-mail and hard letter that if they can not provide the service in which I have paid for, then I wanted the remainder of my money refunded me so that I can find a more reputable business to service my needs. They will not respond to that request.

Deanstream said...

A letter of complaint sent to Streamload from this writer.


Dear Media Max/Streamload,

I am completely fed up with your inability or plain refusal to respond to my continued requests for help regarding my continued problems with uploading files into my file manager.

I purchased a years usage of file storage from you for $44.95 back on February 11, 2007. Since that time I have experienced nothing but constant frustration with the technical side of your services.

The most frustrating and aggravating part of it is that I have written numerous times requesting help to resolve the ongoing issues.

I have had 2 out of about 12 inquiries answered, however, the answers were vague and elusive in nature, placing the blame on computer glitches and server problems. All one and fine for the first time or two, but it has been a constant ongoing problem that you have been unable to settle.

I am now in my 6th month of my yearly contract (agreement) for the services that I paid in advance. I am not being provided those services that were promised by MediaMax/Streamload. To this day since I began my most recent complaint two weeks ago, I am still unable to upload simple files for usage.

I have recently taken notice of similar complaints on the internet of dissatisfied customers who, like me, are very dissatisfied with the inactions, excuses, and evasive tactics that have apparently become the mainstay of your organization.

I once put you on notice that if this type of treatment continued that I would begin a letter campaign, which will include complaints to the San Diego BBB, as well as the FTC. Now I have already begun that process.

Do not pursue payment from me for another years subscription to MediaMax, you've burned me for the last time.


Author's Name

Deanstream said...

This is a copy of a hard letter that I sent to the big shots at Streamload:


Steve Iverson
Patrick Harr
Charlie Jackson
John Beldon
David Titus

Dear Gentlemen,

I began my subscription for a year of service from MediaMax on February 11, 2007. Since that time I have had more unsettled problems with uploading files to my file manager. These frequent problems have occurred at the most crucial times, as I have shared information connected to my personal on line business site. I paid for one year service from MediaMax that I am not being rendered. I have been unable to upload any files for the past 2 to 3 weeks. Yes, like so many people I have written MediaMax via technical service address to no avail. I have seen a lot of excuses, promises, and explanations on the now defunct “MediaMax Blog”. I have read many on line complaints concerning the same type of non service and non response that I have had to endure.

I don't doubt that you have lined your pockets with money from customers like me who have little course of action when it comes to getting what we paid for. However, I will tell you this, I am not one to take false services and theft of money based on failed promises to deliver very lightly.

I have already filed an on-line complaint with the San Diego BBB. My next step today is to file a complaint with the FTC. I will not cease my letter writing campaign against your company until the matter is settled in an appropriate manner. In other words, fix the ongoing problem or refund the remaining money that you've taken from me for services that you are unable or unwilling to render.

I would like to avoid any further legal action if possible, but if my letter to you goes unanswered, I will take it that you feel immune to prosecution and I will proceed accordingly.


[Author's Name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address given. I have never received a reply]

P.S. It is apparent that you have deliberately made yourselves unavailable to the customer, which is one of the most devastating and self destructive directions for any honorable corporation to take.