Monday, July 16, 2007

Mediamax says it's fixed, but it's not

On the Streamload blog for 11 July it says: "We’ve corrected most of the issues that resulted from the transition." And it claims they will be fixing the problem of uploads taking "many hours" to appear. There was downtime last weekend to resolve this problem.

Well, I still have the same problems. No new uploads have appeared for almost two weeks. Older streams still do not operate.

Look through the comments on this blog and you find similar experiences. For example, Davo wrote:

This is unbelievable, still down after their again promised fine tuning.

Unable to upload as files transfer but are never there in the file manager.

Even files sent 2 weeks ago are not there.
What a debacle this is. I am so glad I hadn't become a paying member yet!

I try emailing and all I get back is an auto message saying they are aware of the big list of problems, which the blog tells us have been fixed!

So it is time to jump ship.

My 2 July podcast has still not appeared in the Filemanager, so I can't move it to hosting and I've not even bothered doing the two since then. Miss your podcasts and you lose your listeners.

So I'm going to try out some other services and will report back.

Other people report problems with Mediamax continuing to bill them after they have cancelled a service, so if you are going to cancel, then tell your credit card company to make no more payments.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are in a mess. I love the latest comment on their blog - "in order to improve the FTP service, we are disabling it".

There is something deeply wrong with the organisation and the people running it should be fired.

I have sent them many emails with specific problems and they just reply with a standard formula that says "you may receive errors". Yes, obviously I may get errors, the point about people who offer a reliable backup service is that they should fix them.

Anonymous said...

I'm mainly using Mediamax as a so called "safe and secure" storage and backup. It says all over the site how ultra safe and secure it is and that the files can never be lost. My biggest concern now is that most of my thousands of files (photos) are now "unavailable" and have been for over a month and it seems they are lost forever.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add to my comment above that the reply I got from Mediamax said that I needed to upload my files again in order for them to appear. how can i upload a presumable safely kept file that I have now lost thanks to their fraudulent service?? Now I'm just holding out to see if any files will become accessable again or not. after I've downloaded whatever can be salvaged I will end my account and stop payments.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if anyone is organizing any action, be it an email campaign, online petition, or class action lawsuit. At this point I am certain that we are screwed, but I would really love for Mediamax to crash and burn along with my files.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of becoming a paying customer a few months more responses to files uploading...did the techs just throw in the towel and vacate the premises, or what? The least they can do is send out a mass progress report...sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Mediamax are scum, I hope they go bust very soon.

Joshua P. Allem said...

I just started using Mediamax just before they began their chaotic transfer period. Before then, I was very pleased with their service. That's why I've been patient with them until now. I've tried to remain loyal since they were so much better than any other mp3 hosting service that I had tried. But that was before this huge transition period. If they can't provide the services that they say they provide, how can they expect anybody to remain loyal?

Anonymous said...

I have a pro account. I have not been able to upload a thing for nearly three weeks. Given the realization that in truth they have no customer service I will not renew my membership.