Saturday, March 15, 2008

'MediaMax' V6 beta underway

After several delays it's for real. Beta testing v6 is underway since the early hours march 15 after receiving a mail from Steve Iverson. I can't tell very much about it as I'm asked to keep everything under wraps for now as not to clutter the new beta service with any other persons then the beta testers.

I can tell you though that the name MediaMax will be a thing of the past as there is a new name and a new website that goes along with it which won't suprise anybody with a hint of marketing sense. Atm, the beta testsite is really only a bare product as beta testers are asked to evaluate download, folder management functionality and especially upload performance. In the next couple of weeks other functionality as sharing and searching will be added for us take apart as well.

I've run into a couple of snags at the moment which have to do with the setup of my test account, but I can report that the upload speed (webupload) is back at the level before their last major outage. Granted, there aren't to many people on the new system, but the fact that the speed is back is a good first sign. I'm also told I'll be getting my hands on a windows client uploader soon to try out so webupload won't be the only option available.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Processing Delays revisited

The last entry on the MediaMax blog dates from march 6, but that problem was solved even though their blog hasn't been updated to reflect that. However, since the last 2 days it has reared it's ugly head again. For the last 2 days hardly any uploads will show up in your account and for the very few uploads that do there isn't any pattern noticeable. Don't bother re-uploading the file either as experience has shown it will not improve your chance of seeing it popup in your account so we can only sit tight, wait, and hope MediaMax figures out where our uploads go and can fix it without having us to re-upload all files that haven't shown up so far.

We're also, again, at countdown for V6 beta testing which should start the 15th if memory serves ... if it's not postponed again that is.

Monday, March 3, 2008

New update from Mediamax

Thanks to John Hood for posting comments in the previous entry, including the following update from the MediaMax blog:

"An update from our hosting company:

The SSC has received multiple alerts for loss of connectivity to customer equipment in the NJ2, AT1, SC8, DC4, DC2, CH3 and HDC data center. Engineers are taking appropriate mitigation steps to recover client managed services. Engineers are investigating the configuration of the Intelligent Agent as a possible cause.

Currently all Blade Frames are being worked in parallel for recovery.

UPDATE: Engineers have identified a how to restore connectivity and are bringing clients back online now."

I had to post it here because I'd be interested if there's anyone out there who could translate it? :-)