Saturday, July 28, 2007

Streamload is dead - it's just Mediamax now

There is a new Mediamax blog, hosted here on blogger! I wonder if we inspired them?

And the latest entry says Streamload is dead. It is just Mediamax now. Those who have been telling us of the good old days before Streamload was taken over, may wish to mark its passing.

As usual, you can't comment on the Mediamax blog, so I'll include their latest posting here so you can comment.

----Mediamax blog 27 July 2007 - Quote:

Email limits,, and the blog

A one improvement and a couple of changes and for today: application improvement:

- Email limits. With our shiny new database servers (again, very sorry about the problems encountered getting us here) we have significantly more processing capacity to handle large message volume.

We'd prefer not to share exact limitations because spammers may be able to use that against us, but the limits are about 10 times greater than before and we don't think you should hit them under any normal use.

And BIG changes to the web site for the marketing folks, but it doesn't have any material impact on you:

- No more "Streamload", "", or "powered by Streamload". We're consolidating brands and just going with "MediaMax". In fact, our new company name is "MediaMax, Inc.", and our service and website is now just "MediaMax". Simple, eh?

- We're also using new blog software. Actually we're not actually running software at all anymore but using a hosted blog at Blogspot (that's where you are right now). Links to old postings on the old blog will continue to work for some time, but life is much simpler for us here not having to maintain blog software and it's good to have one less thing to worry about.


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