Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some Mediamax streams still down and upload problems

Mediamax/Streamload streams went off air on 25 June with a major maintenance programme of work. According to the Streamload blog, the new server was on line on 1 July.

However, there are still problems, as acknowledged on a Streamload blog on 2 July. That's included below. The comments are deactivated on the Streamload blog, so leave comments here.

We don't want to distract the techies from solving the problems, but they have also asked people to sent in reports to

I've had most of the problems described in the 2 July Streamload blog. What is causing me particular problems still is that older streams are still not working - very frustrating as I needed them for a meeting in Second Life at the beginning of the week.

I also use Mediamax for hosting a free podcast I do, which is on iTunes. The file I uploaded for the 2 July episode has still not appeared in my directory to be able to move it to the 'hosted' folder. Same thing happened with the previous podcast, though that appeared a day or two later.

My listeners have been sending me complaints and I'm not sure how long I can go on waiting for Mediamax to sort this out. I don't really want to move to another host though - my experience so far has not been so bad.

This is from the Streamload blog, showing the type of problems they are already aware of:


The transfer of our IT/DB operations to an outside vendor in Chicago is complete. Of course, when a move this large occurs there are going to be a few random issues to iron out. The known issues are listed below. We are working around the clock in San Diego and Chicago to correct the situation. We will post updates as issues are resolved. Please direct any questions or concerns to

1. When trying to log into your account you might receive one of the following errors:

HTTP 400 bad request

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

2. When clicking on “go to account” from welcome page you may get the following error:

Page Not FoundOops! Something went wrong… Please refresh your browser window.

3. You may get a “red x” for some of the greyed buttons (download, tag, etc)

4. When clicking between tabs you may get an HTTP 400 bad request error.

5. On log-in you may need to refresh the page a few times to get to your account.

6. Uploads are processing slower than usual.

7. Some uploads time out midway through the process.

8. Some files may be temporarily unavailable.



Adam said...

I've had problems with Streamload as well lately.

I got a new computer, so I thought I'd be smart - upload files to Streamload, then get the new computer set up, then download the old files. (I only had one monitor/keyboard, so couldn't figure another way to transfer the data).

Now I can't get my files. Thanks, MediaMax!

Luzo Orbit said...

Well, it's now 5 days I've been trying to upload my weekly podcast to Mediamax without it appearing.

No response from Mediamax still, despite emailing on most of those days.

No update on their blog since 2 July.

How about an update people?

Anonymous said...

Its just one long nightmare. But my biggest worry now is I can't download most of the pdf's that have been uploaded to my paid space. Mediamax said they must be corrupted but thats crap. And so what if they were? They should still download. I'm sure its yet another bug. Anyone else hving a similar problem?

Luzo Orbit said...

I was told that streams will be brought back on line with the newest first.

Here we are over a week since the last posting on the Streamload blog and still many of my streams are not working.

I needed one for a meeting in Second Life - that had to go ahead without audio. I've had to cancel plans for future meetings indefinitely.

T.M. said...

I am now able to download, but after I attempt to upload new material, the file never shows up in the file section. I'd appreciate updates or some sort of communication, so I can be assured that this is short-term.

Luzo Orbit said...

t.m. Strange thing is my first few emails to support were answered, but none recently. Perhaps they are drowing in complaints - but then they could post something on their blog couldn't they?

I found this blog with people offering suggestions for alternative hosts. I'm gonna have to start using one. My uploads still don't appear. See:
Try this link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the line, luzo orbit. Because I've paid for a Mediamax account, I'm still holding out that they'll fix things soon. But it is unsettling reading how there is also poor communication when canceling an account--something I might definitely do in the future if an alternate service works out better.

Eric said...

I can't still can't download most of my old videos, they just come back as a zero length file.

Back in April I got tired of the ongoing problems and started uploading my new stuff to

It's free and works awesome. If you just need a place to host your podcast I would recommend checking it out.

Jeff Massie said...

Two new posts today at the Streamload blog.

The first post finally acknowledges that uploads have been totally nonfunctional for over two weeks, but promises they will be up by Sunday.

The second post totally contradicts the first when it says:

"In the meantime, FTP access will not be available."

What the hell else does FTP mean besides uploads and downloads? So what they're saying is, no uploads or downloads until further notice.

Anyone interested in a lawsuit to get our server fees back?

Anonymous said...

I have been sending them emails for the last three weeks and had nothing back from Mediamax apart from two emails saying I should subscribe the Mediamax Blog for updates.

They seem to be unable to comprehend that this does not solve my problems.

They have charged my credit card again this month for a service they have not provided.

This is theft.

I have now instructed my bank not to allow any more payments to them.

Mediamax are the scum of the earth and I hope they rot in hell.

I have wasted endless hours trying to deal with them, but I have just about rescued all my files and moved them elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I have moved all my files to Omnidrive and everything is working fine.


Davo said...

This is unbelievable, still down after their again promised fine tuning.

Unable to upload as files transfer but are never there in the file manager.

Even files sent 2 weeks ago are not there.
What a debacle this is. I am so glad I hadn't become a paying member yet!

Anonymous said...

I came across this message on another forum
published on July 10th

I wrote them about not being able to upload. It goes forever, looks like
it's done, but then I can't find my files anywhere. I asked for a free month
stating "Extra download allotment is useless to me at this point".

Here's what they wrote:


I am sorry about the issue with your inability to download your files. When
we moved the servers to Chicago we took a lot of files offline, around 305
TB worth of data. We are in the process of restoring the files at this time.
This will take weeks to complete with files coming back online gradually.
Our engineers are working around the clock to implement fixes to address
this issue. Please keep an eye on our company blog at where updates will be posted as the situation
develops. In the meantime, please don't attempt to move, edit or delete
these affected files for the meantime.

If you need files that are unavailable you will need to re-upload another
copy of the files. In order for the newly uploaded file to be accessible it
has to be different in some way to the previous file. Our system's method of
handling uploaded files compares the file being uploaded to files that have
been previously uploaded to your account. If the file is the same in
composition as the old file it attempts to speed the upload process by just
creating a new reference to the already existing file in your account that
is unavailable at the moment. For example if I have a picture that I had
uploaded but cannot access at this time, I will need to upload a
replacement. In order for the replacement picture to be recognized as new, I
need to change something about the picture, like change the compression size
of the picture or change the picture from its present image format (jpg) to
another format (e.g.gif) .

Due to the issues with your account I have given you a house credit for
$9.95 to cover the next renewal of your subscription.

Should you have any further queries or issues please do not hesitate to
contact us. While we have recently received an unusually high number of
emails we will reply as soon as is possible.

Streamload MediaMax Support
Streamload MediaMax Username: Support
Please visit our MediaMax blog for the latest news at the following

Streamload MediaMax thrives because of its loyal customers. We would love to
hear from you about your experience using Streamload MediaMax Support.
Please email us at

davo said...


I tried what they said in the email about uploading the file which is different. It didn't work.

I even tried a new free account and uploaded fresh...the file never shows in File Manager.


Anonymous said...

I have been a Streamload paying customer for three years.

Last year they 'upgraded' the software to Mediamax, the service has not worked properly since, yet they have still taken payments.

I have now blocked all payments to them and ask for my account closing.

I have heard nothing.

Here's my blog about Mediamax -
I hate Mediamax

Do not use this company!

Anonymous said...

T.M. said...

I am now able to download, but after I attempt to upload new material, the file never shows up in the file section. I'd appreciate updates or some sort of communication, so I can be assured that this is short-term.

T.M. This is not short term despite what they might tell you.

Mediamax has not worked properly since August 06 when they swapped it from Streamload.

I have now cancelled my personal account and the account I used for work.

I have issued payment blocks on all the card details Mediamax hold.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT upload anything to Mediamax if you ever want to retrieve it again. I think they have some kind of bug in the system that CORRUPTS files. Thats why they had to move, but they still can't shake it. Eventually NO FILES will be retrievable from Mediamax. Its a race between the bug and bunkruptcy to see which one shuts down Mediamax first. Remove any important files now WHILE YOU STILL CAN. (If you can). Believe me... this company is DOOMED.

spike said...

The company blog has been updated (21 July).
I've managed to upload about a dozen files using the XL uploader in drag-and-drop mode.Apart from an isolated success with 1 file a couple of days ago, this is the only successful set of uploads in about three weeks!

Files seem to have arrived speedily enough. Whether they remain there long term is anyone's guess.

The only reason I've persisted with attempts to use MediaMax is to share files with a user who's invested several thousand files of their OTR collection with this company. Personally, I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole given their track record.

The scarcity of Blog updates throughout this latest fiasco has been simply incredible, and did little to convince people they hadn't finally folded.

Anonymous said...

A new Yahoo group to discuss mediamax and other online storage issues.