Tuesday, October 9, 2007

File availability audit 2 October 2007

This is from Martin:

My latest file collection audit made around 2 October, shows only very minor improvements. Overall 35 more files have been restored. That leaves 9625 files still missing. See graph

Included here (click on it for a larger version):

The tiny slivers of pale green indicate the minuscule improvement made during the past week.


JD said...

I am unable to continue testing the availibility of the restore because it keeps eating my dl credits.
I asked already 2 weeks ago why this happens. Unfortunately I have not received yet an answer so I have sent another reminder of that.

About the uploading problems. I am pretty much convinced now it is a capacity problem because last night i was uploading succesfully until almost 22.00 pm cet and then it failed again. Today I heard the same story of somebody else.
Probably there is at the time in increase in load from the united states I assume and then it is done with uploading again.

Martin said...

FIFTEEN files were uploaded to MediaMax with HUGE difficulty in the 18 hour time period between 2007.10.08 21:28 and 2007.10.09 16:01.

Today 2007.10.11 11:58, only THREE of these files will download.

That's an 80% loss rate in just two days!

It's time Mediamax removed the words 'securely', 'safely' and 'reliably' from their web page as this is clearly false advertising.

Or better still, make it work again, please?

WillTRiker said...

I'm giving up for today ... no matter how many I upload and re-upload files MediaMax just isn't processing them at all not to mention the resets to 0 Kb I see popping up left and right. What infuriates me is that they are aware of this problem, but not a mention of this on the blog. Hell, as things stand now they'd do better then to stop people uploading and fix their god awfull mess.

Anonymous said...

Never mind recovering files - I've had a bunch go missing on me recently.

One was freshly uploaded and sent to me yesterday and it was already unavailable.

Heck only knows what they are playing at. I just wish they would stop it and just make it work again!

Timmytour said...

I wish I had a even the chance of finding if any files were available!! My subscription lapsed on 22 September. I wrote an email saying I couldn't consider renewing until there was some from of compensation for the lack of service received in lieu of my previous payments and some SOLID evidence that future payments which secure a reasonable service.

In return I got a computer generated response with a ticket number saying it would take a few days to respond to me.

Since then I can't get in to my account at all, since I am blocked by a request to update my payment details!!!

Having not heard any more for over two weeks I have written to confirm that, after four years as an annual subscriber to the service I will now no longer even consider renewing my subscription and wish to be downgraded to a free account.

Mind you, I know there's fat chance of anyone actually responding. In return for my second email, which cited the ticket number of my first email, I got another ticket number!!

I imagine that attempts to continue communication could lead to someone getting as many ticket IDs as files in their accounts. and at the end of the day, the suspicion is that neither will be of any use!


JD said...

damnn that is devastating that even new uploads disappear after been received in the filemanager. Have sent a new appeal to John Hood this evening to come forward with information because the mood of everybody still trying is disappearing quickly.
Hope he replies otherwise I quit trying the uploads. Have been able to upload 1 album in 2 weeks time. I wonder if that album even still downloads.
Have not received an answer to my email from yesterday so far, maybe they are on the beach thinking what to do next?

Anonymous said...


Timmytour said...

Further my earlier post....amazingly I did get a quick reply from Mediamax...

Here it is...
Dear Tim

We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel your subscription and for the recent issues you have
experienced and we are truly greatful for your understanding and patience.

The coming months will see many service updates come online.we have removed almost 3 million free accounts which had been showing limited or no inactivity, As you can imagine, with these accounts removed we have placed at our disposal not only more system resources but also financial and staff resources. Also, recently an indexing of all the files we store was completed successfully. We are also currently implementing alterations relating to the data centre which will also improve our development options going forward. We hope to have everything running smoothly again very soon.

We'd be more than glad to offer 3 months of extra download blocks valid for one year for your troubles this will equal to 75GB.
Ofcourse, if you'd still like to cancel your subscription, please reply and confirm and we will take care of it for you immediately. Please note that your current subscription is a grandfathered plan which offers unlimited storage, which is not avaialbe on our new mediamax plans. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

MediaMax Support

Please read and subscribe to our blog at http://blog.mediamax.com for the latest site updates


To which my response has been....

I confess. I am astonished to get a "human" response. But then again, I confess that, upon further reading, I am not so sure it is actually human after all.

Why try and entice me to stay by offering me something which will be of zero worth if Mediamax performs to the standards it has done over the past few months?

Why tell me about all the accounts you have identified that have had little or no activity? I know my own account has had little or no activity over the past few months...because the system's been simply too frustrating to bother with!!! I imagine that goes for most people as well.

Why tell me what great strides are being undertaken to improve the service when I have heard the same thing month after month after month to no real avail, all during a period for which I paid good money but got shoddy service in return.

Why finish the email by asking me to read and subscribe to a site which will supposedly let me know what the latest site updates are, but which in reality has ceased being used since the end of August.!!!!! To me that just reinforces the opinion that you don't know what's going on, you don't really know what your customers are thinking and you don't really care.

Why not put your money where your mouth is? If I get three months "free" use now, it still won't make up for all the time I've lost over the past year. But why not give it to me anyway and let me decide, after that three months, whether the service really has improved enough to warrant me giving you more of my money?????

There's no way I'm being conned into forking out more money in subscriptions without seeing and experiencing the much vaunted "improvements" to the service (which for me would involve getting it back to what it was 2 years ago). I'd have paid twice the annual fee I was paying to have the service back to how it was with Streamload. I'll not pay a penny to have it where it is now and has been over the last year.

So...let's see how serious you really are about things? Or if there's another bog standard email reply waiting in the wings for me.....



Account Name: Timmytour [/QUOTE]


Martin said...

OK, I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong and only too pleased to report favourable news.

1. I reported earlier in this thread that of FIFTEEN recently uploaded files only THREE would download. In fact SEVEN of them would download, 'only' a 53% loss not 80%. The four extra files had apostrophes in their filename and Davcin's MediaMaxExplorer had problem with the apostrophe character which has since been fixed. Thanks Davcin.

2. As of 2007.10.12 11:45 (Australian Time), only ONE of the 15 files is showing as 'Not Found'. So only one more to go before I can withdraw my anguished complaint. These are not files stuck in upload processing. They are files that uploaded fully (although not without several goes to achieve this) and appeared in the MediaMax File Manager and were emailed from one user to another.

So the good news is that almost all of these files have now become available again.

WillTRiker said...

@Timmytour ... my sentiments exactly. I've lost track of how many times and when we have been promised drastic improvements ... hell, they even claimed that several times on their blog, but us people in the field have seen basically nothing of this.

Must say that apperently threatening to cancel your account is a good way to get a human response as I've seen quick replies to people that threatened with that earlier. I'm curious how long it will take to receive an answer to your last reply.

@martin ... good to hear that at least your uploads are returning. Now if MM would manage to do the same for the rest of our accounts.

trackspike said...

i try to upload files everyday although it sometimes takes me 3 time to upload a 1 hour show !
it is really crazy when i get 3/4 of a way through and it quits and now try to down load something all i get is crap ! i tried
mp3 and photos and wmv and it's all
the same ,i get error mesage code 12031. although after 2 to 3 trys it usally goes complette !