Friday, October 12, 2007

A message from Steve Iverson

You know how the Mediamax website has logos and links to sites that have either reviewed the site (in the days before it became inoperable) or had other information posted?

If you follow the Demo link, it has a film clip of Steve Iverson explaining at the 2005 show how wonderful Mediamax is.



JD said...

for old times sake ??

ff8raider said...

This is the only time the video and photo locker ever really worked, before they even released mediamax.
Looks pretty smooth though eh?

They never really worked, then they dropped the whole locker system like a bad habit? What is left now? Less than v4.

WillTRiker said...

I never saw the point in that overly convuluted locker system. The filemanager and the ability to host things were working perfectly. The only thing they managed to do was create a tremendous amount of strain on the system for no reason at all then for appearences sake.

Anonymous said...

Me neither.
The old Streamload was quite servicable, despite the occasional delays in file processing. At least it worked! And it told you that it was 'pending', too.

One of the things I miss about the old Streamload is the incredible amount of account info that was provided. I share a great deal of my account on a website with others, and I could see exactly which files were being used, when, how many times, and even the user's IP address! It was awesome. Now...I don't even know how much storage space I'm actually using!!


Steve Iverson said...

Sigh. Yes, I know we were off the mark a bit with V5. We added features that people didn't want, didn't focus on making on our core functionality the best it can be.

We're doing our best to get back to basics and focus on what our customers want. We'll post to our public blog as soon as we have a definitive timeline as to when you can expect that.

Geez, I've also gained a bit of weight in the last 2 years. :/