Monday, October 8, 2007

Poll shows Mediamax had severe problems in September 2007

The results of the poll of Mediamax users on the service in September 2007 has now closed (it ran a week into October).

They show that over half of the 58 voters find severe problems with the service. As Mediamax has not responded to the request for service status information on the site, I guess this provides us with a good indication (also see the file availability postings).

Here are the figures (bloggers rounding calculation means the percentages don't add up to 100%):

A: No problems : 1 vote (1%)

B: Rare problems : 6 votes (10%)
(within tolerable levels)

C: Significant problems : 20 votes (34%)
(difficult to tolerate)

D: Extreme problems : 31 votes (53%)
(causing severe difficulties)

As a graph:

Now it would be cycnical to assume that John Hood is resonsible for the 1 vote for 'no problems' (votes are anonymous). But if there is one satisfied customer out there, I hope it does not make Mediamax complacent!

Voting for the service in October is now open - this is posted a week into October. The poll will run for a week into November.


JD said...

I get really annoyed and pessimistic, uploading sucks again tonight. I really want to try to help the forum but takes so much patience. John what is happening there ????

EegahInc said...

I can actually download a few files now, but uploading is non-existent. What application are those successfully uploading using?

WillTRiker said...

It shouldn't be a surprise that I voted for "D" and I will continue to do so until my file manager problem is fixed ... and ofcourse MediaMax proves to be stable and reliable. Most notably in september where the ongoing issues with uploading and processing, the file recovery process about which nothing has been heard from while it's evident that all our files haven't returned (yet?)and the general system error that sprang up at the end of the month.

I had a little hope in the first week of october when at least single file webuploading (for me) worked nearly flawlessly, but since last weekend it's been pretty much shot to hell again.

The thing that annoys me more then anything is that the MediaMax blog isn't kept up to speed when new errors popup, but what's absolutely is making my teeth itch is that there is basically zero progress to report never mind that us users experience any progress. I mean, what the .beep. are they doing at engineering? File recovery can't be an excuse because as I understood it they're using a third party to handle that so does that mean they spending all their time on MM XL and their new FTP? For Gods sake, fix the current issues first before trying to invent new stuff to dump on us. In 7 days I'm officially crossing the one year mark of the last time I worked safely in the file manager and that wish list could also looked at as a lot of the stuff that's on there should be offered standard ... especially if you claim to be online storage company nr 1.

icypurplepants said...

I've been able to upload using the web browser "Single File" uploads - NOT the "Multi-File Upload" - I've never had much success with that.

Recently however this has got much worse and it bombs out at various stages of the uploads for no reason, and any files it may have completed are lost. The only way round it is to upload one file at a time which obviously isn't really practical.

MMXL does upload, but at a rate of about one 50Mb file in 24 hours (lightning fast!) Many times it gets to what looks like about 99% complete and then just sits there for hours You have to cancel it and start all over again.

I am hoping and praying that being able to FTP up isn't far away, but I guess they have other priorities right now.....

It is so frustrating.....

Anonymous said...

I refuse to pay until the service is 100% working and all my files are restored.DISABLE YOUR PAYMENTS

WillTRiker said...

Well, on behalf of myself and my community I can report that since my last post nothing has changed. Uploading seems to work, but processing is utter bollocks ... from the last 9 files I uploaded none made into my inbox. I even uploaded a couple of them 2 times already and still they are nowhere to be seen.

Victor Meldrew said...

You're not trying hard enough WillTRiker! I had a solitary 25MB file upload successfully this morning, but only after 4 full upload attempts failed to process. Since then...absolutely nothing...zilch...nada.

I'm testing uploading capability from time to time with a small .PDF file but it seems nothing at all is getting through currently.

Yet again, neither the official MM Blog or MM Support gives any hint of these or any of the numerous problems users of this site have all experienced.

The 6-8 week estimate for file recovery, given in August, is pretty much up now, yet Martin reports 9500 of his files are still missing.

What the hell are these clowns playing at that lets system stability and reliability deteriorate as time goes on? If they're diverting scarce resources into development of another bloated XL Uploader or in-house FTP client, they're even more out of touch with users' requirements than I believed possible.

MediaMax - pull your finger out and give us a working service.