Friday, October 12, 2007

Mediamax alernatives

This is from a comment on an earlier post:

There's a mass exodus going on, all the old time streamload forums are changing, adding rapidshare, and torrents while phasing out streamload. People are leaving in droves, and that includes me. I'm sticking to demonoid from now on, they don't even ask for my money, much less take it and screw me out of my paid for services.

See other tagged entries for other alternatives.


JD said...

you are right i think now even all people who wanted to try have lost the last bit of patience
We are testing another service right now, has smilar service
(ouch wrong word) like mm
Hope you leave this blog up so we have a mean of finding each other.

BTW I have sent 2 emails to John Hood in person in the last 2 days and no answer, has he given up also?

WillTRiker said...

Well, my account is still good for some time, but when that's up for renewal and MM doesn't work I'm calling it quits as well. As for alternatives ... the way my community uses MediaMax and considering the massive library we have build on MediaMax there basically is no alternative.

Icypurplepants said...

Thanks for mentioning Humyo JD, it looks really rather good, and very similar to MM.

Am going to give it a test drive over the next few weeks.

I'd much prefer to stick with MM, but if they don't sort their lives out soon, I'll have to consider other options, and this seems the best one I've come across.....

Martin said...


I tried out Humyo and was particularly taken by its ability to transfer files directly from a web location, i.e. MediaMax. The transfer speed was excellent at around 350kBytes/second and would make a practical way of transferring a moderate number of files from MediaMax to Humyo without needing to download and upload again.

The downsides for this process are:
- each file must be processed separately. There is no bulk transfer option.
- the transfer is a download from MediaMax and hence uses download quota.

Humyo seems to lean more towards streaming delivery of inidividual files than MediaMax's bulk file download and save approach. In Humyo an emailed link to a file (or a folder) can be played by the recipient but the file cannot be downloaded and saved without the recipient also creating a Humyo account.

The site bumph contains more than a smattering of blue sky promises for the future and I felt a sense of deja vu that I was reading some of the early Streamload promotional material again. Call me cynical, but installing your servers in an old bank vault as they appear to have done, doesn't necessarily make the service they provide any more reliable.

Uploading was easy and not only worked but also resumed an upload that I accidentally stopped part way. I was most impressed by that!

Like MediaMax the column width for the file title is too narrow to display the long filenames that I use and the width cannot be adjusted.

The service is currently free but their business plan is to offer 'premium upgrades' with as yet unspecified features.

They state there is no limit on storage that can be used and there is no specified download limit.

Although it does not offer all the features of MediaMax (when MediaMax is working properly) Humyo is certainly worth trying out to see if it will meet your needs.

peebs said...

The reason I had an MM account in the first place was to free up HD space. I wasn't sharing any of my files with anybody so in that aspect MM was working for me.

The couple of months that I paid for an upgrade I did share one file that was over 300Mb and in a few days my bandwidth was gone. That was the only time I had shared a file in any of my folders.

For sharing files I have used other services but the one that doesn't delete my files after xx days of inactivity is MediaFire. Account is free and there's no limit to how many files you can upload and how much bandwidth your account has. The maximum file size is 100Mb but that's about the only drawback I see with their service. And they've added image hosting too. I haven't had a need for it since I use Photobucket and LJ's Scrapbook.

JD said...

have been testing humyo now for a couple of days and it looks quite good, i can upload and download folders, i can resume broken uploads.
Copying files between friends works with the speed of light.
This service works at least.

Anonymous said...

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The Scraper-haters.

(Ultimately this will benefit you.)

Anonymous said...

I emailed HUMYO and asked if they had some company background so I could get an idea of their future. Like will they vanish tomorrow along with all my data. This is the reply I got.


Not yet, we are funded by a group of wealthy individuals. We may offer
premium services in the future.


JD said...

As the mediamax drama learned us
don't put too much confidence
in a backup storage, I do use
RS as well now.
Humyo is still free so it only costs me bandwidth now, if it stays like this I can advise anybody to seriously look at it because it comes close to mediamax and it still free.
Maybe it is better for the future not to bet on one horse.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to copy items to Humyo and will keep Mediamax for now. Unless Humyo makes a batch web transfer option, I don't think I can leave Mediamax unless I spend a year or two moving items to another location. I stating to keep my data in about 3 locations now.

icypurplepants said...

probably posting this too late for you to see, but you CAN change the column widths in Humyo.....

Martin said...

icypurplepants. Thanks for the comment. Indeed you can now change the column widths in Humyo. It did not work when I wrote my brief summary about so I gather it is an enhancement added since then. Well done Humyo responding to user feedback.

Take note MediaMax - variable column width is a feature that the MediaMax browser desperately needs so that long filenames can be displayed!