Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mediamax on data recovery and re-uploading

There is an new entry on the mediamax blog, which I'll give below.

But first my useless response from customer support about files not uploading. If John Hood is reading, can you please tell your staff not to be so patronising. We all now the system is totally unreliable.

This is the reply:

---From Mediamax customer support
Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear of the issue uploading your file. I have just uploaded a file to my account and it uploaded in minutes. The way the files are uploaded changed a little. When the files upload they do not upload to the upload folder they upload to the file manger folder. Please check all the pages of your file manager. I have found changing the file page to 100 makes it easier to find the new file. I am sorry for any inconvenience please let us know if the issue persists. Thank you for your time.

MediaMax Support
---end of message from customer support

And now the new entry on the Mediamax blog. As usual, leave comments here, because Mediamax doesn't allow them on its blog:


We're pleased to announce that the data recovery project is running ahead of schedule. Most files have been restored to most user accounts. We've still got a ways to go and expect the entire project to be completed in 3-5 weeks.


In order to re-upload inaccessible files you need to change more than the file name. You need to edit the metadata to change the checksum of the file. A new upload should then result in a working file.

Here's a tip from one of our users on how to do that:

Tag&Rename (a music files tag editor that easily handles all popular
digital audio formats.)

To batch change enough tags to enable the "Checksum" to appear changed to
the mediamax servers

They do a 30 day unlimited trial here


Anonymous said...

I dont believe MM have fixed anything. Their recovery program is BS just like most of their talk. So far none of my lost files have reappeared and I doubt they will. As I recall, many were unrecoverable even before MM started their big move which resulted in an extra 50% of my files getting trashed. You cant believe anything these people say. Fortunately my card has expired so they can't renew my subscription against my wishes.

Beau said...

Luzo, re the response you got from 'Vincent' at MM. Aint that just typical. The problem must be some fault of yours!

Luzo Orbit said...

Totally agree beau. I sent another message to support because it said on the official blog a few days ago: "Upload performance continues to improve. We had another record week in this area which is reflected in a decrease in support queries regarding uploading."

I reckon queries have decreased because there is little point contacting support, so decided to point out I still had problems and directed support to read this blog to see it was not just me.

Anyway, I've replied to Vincent to say his useless response has been posted here. Maybe he'll check the blog now.

Luzo Orbit said...

Dammit. It gets worse. Just checked and my reply to Vincent has prompted a response from Judd:

"What is the size of the file? What is the name of the file that you attempted to upload? As for upload size limitation there are various limits to the files sizes that can be uploaded, depending on the upload method used. There are also factors like connection stability and where you are located in the world. When selecting files for uploading make sure that you do not attempt to upload more than 1,000 files per upload session. Also keep the file size to less than 1 GB. Larger files can be split into segments with a file splitting program like HjSplit which can be downloaded for free from If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know. We will try our best to help you with issues that you are experiencing with the your MediaMax account.

MediaMax Support"

I've replied: "Hi Judd,

This is a known fault with the Mediamax system. I am trying to upload one file of 20 Mbytes.

Speak to John Hood. He knows there is a problem. It says on the Mediamax blog that you think things are improving because there are less emails to support. The fact is people see no point contacting support because we get useless responses like yours.


WillTRiker said...

Sigh, where to begin.

The answer from MediaMax customer support is typical for not listening to what was asked/told, for not knowing what's happening with their own freaking system AND thinking we're a bunch of clueless idiots. Not that it will make you feel better Luzo, but we all get those nothing saying replies ... if we get a reply that is.

For one thing why on earth is it that since MediaMax, depending on the manner you upload, your uploads can end up in 3 different locations (root filemanager, upload directory in the filemanager and the uploaded files directory accessable from the navigation bar). What was wrong having it all in one place as in V4? So yes, customer support, we DO know where to look for our uploads thank you very much ... now if you would kindly fix your (censored) system instead of stating the obvious we'd very much appreciate it. And while you're at it please make the screen fit 500 and 1000 entries again also ... oh wait, this will probably be called an improvement and we're now still in the fixing status.

As for the data recovery ... I'll see if I can find some unavailable files in my account (shouldn't be that hard) and keep tabs on them to see if they really get back ... or some of them at least. For what it's worth, afaik, the files that have been uploaded after the migration to the new datacenter are available.

I'm also highly annoyed about the RE-uploading of files. What the hell is wrong with MediaMax that you can't upload the same file again? MediaMax / Streamload used to lose some files on occassion and anybody that had the file could re-upload it and then the links to the original would all be working again, but now we suddenly can't upload an exact copy and have to modify it before we can upload it. What kind of bull is this? Anyone remember that if you uploaded a file and then uploaded it again that the 2nd upload only took like 5 seconds as Streamload would reckognise the file already being on their servers?

And it's good for people with audio files that they can simply alter the checksum of files ... my community deals mostly with avi and mkv files which can't be altered with that and I haven't found another program that can so atm, we rar/zip files in order to re-upload them.

I would like to know if this situation that you can't upload exact duplicates is permanent or caused by the recovery process as the present condition is to ridicilous for words.

Are you reading this John?

Jeroen said...
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JD said...

How in heavens name are you to up a 1000 files by a single upload screen
Have been able to upload 20 files or so at a maximum. But one time it works one time it doesn't.
Heard reports of new uploaded files disappeared again. This unpredicatable behaviour is worrying very much. Compared to not working at all I think they are at 20 to 30 percent right now.
Some questions for John if you happened to read again and if you have a moment to spare.
Why is there so little improvement? What has changed more in the move
the end of june?
Why don't you respond and fullfill your promises as you said in ur last post here?

Nirvanix = Mediamax said...

So, wow. They're so messed up that they need users to actually go in and fiddle with their meta-data, then re-upload those very files, in order to download the files???

They're a messed up company. Wish we weren't the ones paying for it.

WillTRiker said...

Must have been blind last time and to focused on the re-uploading issue -_-

1000 files? Who the hell do they think they're kidding? I can't get multiple upload stuff to work at all and with single file I on occassion have managed 3 and even rarer 4 files, but usually I have to do file by file.

And a 1 GB size restriction? That's a new one also as I've seen several 1 GB+ files getting uploaded and in fact uploaded a couple myself .... but I've been trying to get a couple of 1 GB+ files uploaded since a week and they all fail.

I'd like to know if this 1GB file restriction is temporarily (supposingly connected to the data recovery process) or permanent ... yet another enhancement like the unability to upload identical files :-(

Hello MediaMax support ... anyone there?

Covereds Place said...

dunno how they see this recovering, but so far there's nothing back in my account.

make it worse, 2 days before they announced that, i lost another shitload of files. Files which had been organized after the switch.

Should we start seeing it like:
you get your old files back but then we take the new ones?
(even if i still miss loads of files)

Uploading and re-uploading....
yeah right, as long as i have to upload new files 4-5 times, i can't see it as an improvement.
If ur lucky they show up.

WillTRiker said...


Where you working in your file manager when you lost those files and if so can you estimate how much GB you have in your account?

If you have an account with over 2TB in it moving, renaming and copying to and from the file manager can cause files/folders to be deleted/moved at random. It's a known problem.

JD said...

I heard before about the problem of big accounts, but I hear zip about this in talks about current problems and when this might be solved. This problem is known already for months so why is it not solved by now??

WillTRiker said...

Beats me, and what is even more puzzling in my eyes is why this didn't get more priority. In my community it's a handfull of people that spend vast amounts of time keeping an archive for others to use. If those people can't do this anymore because of MMs trouble then the reason for a lot of people to have a MM account dissapear. I know for a fact that people haven't renewed their account for this reason.

As for a fix ... iirc, on another board John said there IS a fix, but that fix was bundled with another bunch of fixes and one of these didn't clear QA so they postponed it until they could fix the bundle. After my comments John said they would see if they could break out the fix for large account holders and make it a stand alone fix, but alas, I haven't seen anything yet. Having that crap datacenter move and their uploading woes no doubt have contributed to this also, but I really hope they do this fix soon .... with my limited free time it's gonna take me weeks before I have sorted the 10,000+ files I'm behind :-(

John Hood said...

Yes, moving files within massive accounts (above 2TB) is a known issue. We've acknowledged that all along as WillTRiker has mentioned. As we've also stated, and has been posted here somewhere I believe, we had a fix in place, but it was part of a larger deploy that had other bugs. We're working on correcting that.

holymoly said...

Mediamax has failed to deliver, for the last three months I have been unable to do anything, now I cannot even access my account. I got four identical emails disclosing non-payment, though I have emailed them my billing details. They don't even respond to my emails.

At first the support was at least responsive.