Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mediamax 401 error

This is the latest post on the official Mediamax blog:

Current site issues

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our site. When attempting to access the site users may get a 401 error saying that they "are not authorized to view this page". Our IT team is working on correcting the situation. We will post here when it is resolved.

I'll aim to add a new post with the update as soon as there is news from Mediamax. As you can't comment on the Mediamax blog, feel free to leave comments here.

There have been some specific responses to comments from John Hood of Mediamax so please do look back over past posts.


JD said...


Thanks for your comments. I do want to ask again about this
irregularities in webuploading. You write these might be caused by some servers being offline. I wonder how this works because why are my uploads directed to servers offline? Is it not possible to redirect them to other servers or simply deny the upload immediately?

Anonymous said...

Erm, shouldn't that read -

"We are currently experiencing technical issues with our site....and have been doing so for over a year fact it's never going to work properly again...cos it's screwed....but we'll keep charging you...!"

Ohh the irony!

MIKE said...

With every day that goes by, I'm happier I cancelled my account.

Anonymous said...

If you're so pleased with yourself, and glad to be away from MediaMax, why do you keep posting here, Mike?

WillTRiker said...

I'd like to see an answer to JDs first post also. If a server goes offline in midtransfer I could comprehend my upload not showing up ... allthough I WOULD expect an error message during uploading when that happens, but if an upload server goes offline I would find it logical that I get deferred to another for get denied upload, but not upload stuff into oblivion like I seem to do now.

From what I gather my files not showing up in the file manager isn't so much a processing problem, but an upload server problem. I have to say that these server problems sure are persisting -_-

Anonymous said...

I give up. To avoid frustration amoung my community I've deleted the 'lost' files that took me and other members months to collect. I guess we'll never get them back now but we can't stand the confusion anymore. But worse, I think i'm still losing more files.

Mediamax are scum. They are crooked, thieving, corrupt, lying, bozos.

Where's the communication mediamax? Your posts on this blog are worthless. They are just riddles. You've told us almost nothing useful except that you still havent got a clue what you are doing.

WillTRiker said...

Today ... is "Server error in '/' application" day. The odd things is, my remotely controlled PC at home has this error and the PC here at the office has no problems and at other times the situation is vice versa. As uploading wasn't difficult enough without this :-(

JD said...

uploading still sucks, even during the day now I have this strange pattern.
1 album went ok
second album doesn't show up
I tried some small pictures and they do show up
This is happening now for several weeks, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. So if it some servers that are offline why does it work for the first album and not for the second?

JD said...

I had that error also
The second album went ok when uploaded for the second time. I am beginning to have the idea that there some form of a pipe to the filemanagers and when it's filling up everything that comes on top of that disappears in another pipe leading to a block hole.
Anyway I also figured out how generate script for testing the availibility of all files in my archive. I had problems with some folders where I couldn't get a link at all so no testing there possible.
In total I have tested 9537 links which is (if if have my math correctly 86 Gb)
results: 40% ok
36% connection or timeout problems
22% not found

Assuming that all connection and timeout problems are just stability issues I have an availibility of around 75%.
The test ran for 3 hours so I am not going to repeat it each day, will try this weekend once more to see if there are improvements

WillTRiker said...

JD, can you explain how you're going about the way you test your files. I've been unable to test the way Martin Hood works as he depends on Davcins MediaMax Explorer which is not working atm (99% sure that's MMs fault and not Davcins).

Anonymous said...

I just made a payment and the service does not work.Of course I was charged DOUBLE.I hate to cancel but this is been going on for almost 2 years.The service shows no sign of progressing at all.Still no ftp access , still got this 10-12 kb/sec xl app.Im sick of this

JD said...


Basically I used the same method as Martin, just improved it a little bit. I have used Davcin's mediamax tree (there are login problems at the moment for mediamax with this tool but retyr a couple of times and you do get in)
I use his local acces database. So
1) do an update on the filemanager with menu item stored info, update stored info and children or F9
2) I do get some errors on folders which are not accesible at all, mark these as updated, right mouse click on the folder
3) with acces file I do an export to an oracle database
4) I have written a sql statement for generating the urls outof the info from the acces table
5) with mediamax explorer I get a logon token, this i put either in the sql statement or replace all in
the textfile see step 6
6) running the sql gives me urls
which I copy and paste into
a txt file
7) with xenu sleuth I do a check with about 70 threads in parallel
I tried more but got the impression that the nummer of time-outs and connections errors got worse then

If you can make that access database and email it to me, I can get you that txt file
You can find my email adres on your own forum (username johndoe)

JD said...

This pipe theory seems to be getting ground as i am uploading at the moment without any problems. I tried other browsers to log on and they fail with / error. So if there aren't that many users and uploading goes smoothly it looks like a capacity problem.
John feel free to comment on this.

MIKE said...

In answer to anonymous's question of why, since I've happily cancelled my MM account, I still post here, the answer is because I care. I have many friends who still have accounts. They are being charged month after month for a service that hasn't worked properly in some time. I firmly believe that those who have not also cancelled their accounts are being taken advantage of by a company whose service probably will never work properly again. I hate to see my friends being taken advantage of. The choice of whether or not to keep their accounts is, of course, theirs.

Also, as a subscriber, I lost thousands of files and went through many of the same troubles that so often have been written of here. After months of pitiful service, I finally came to the conclusion that I had to cut my losses and save my hard-earned dollars. I miss those files, but I couldn't justify continuing to give MM money every month for poor service.

I hope MM can get its act together, but I am pessimistic.

JD said...

hmm i noticed testing the urls does get charged on my account as a download. I find this quite ridiculoud because I am not downloading the files.
Om my request my account was reinstated and gives a billing date
2 months ahead. I said it before I will find it a very decent step if Mediamax does this for everybody.
John what about this, please say yes or no instead of nothing?

Martin Hood said...

jd, I did not find that testing the URLs was charged to my account as a download. Since I tested 700Gb of files three times I certainly would have noticed the change in my available quota had been affected. Given the minimal information that is provided about downloads used and quota remaining by MediaMax, with no detail whatsoever being listed, it is impossible to verify if the usage figures they quote on the billing page are correct or not.

I suspect the more likely explanation is a billing error on your account as there have been several of these mentioned in this blog and elsewhere.

Back in the early Streamload days I certainly had the experience of being charged a for full download when I 'sample listened' to a small fragment of several hundred files but did not download any of them in full. I found out when my months quota ran out part way through the process and I was rightously indignant about the inequity of it.

As I recall, Streamload did the right thing and credited my account and soon after changed the system to charging downloads by the byte downloaded so this issue has not existed for a long time.

WillTRiker said...

Not exactly the same stuff as what this thread is originally about, but people who try to upload to MediaMax suddenly find themselves bombarded with popups requesting authorization (login / pass) and, not surprisingly, nothing works so no uploads. Sure hope someone is on weekend duty at MM.

hawkecrystal said...

The login/pass has once again spread. Amazing how the last official blog entry on Sept. 19th included "We will post here when it is resolved". Since the issue has continued, it is apparent that they haven't been able to resolve it, just as they haven't been able to resolve their other issues in OVER A YEAR!

I wrote the so called support last night, and was given the wonderful suggestion to clear my cache and cookies. (Do you get the dripping sarcasm of my writing?) Needless to say, another NOT so useful reply from MediaMax(crap).

Igor said...

I am only writing this post to warn ANYONE from ever using MediaMax. First, they have lost at least half of my files that I know for certain have been completely uploaded (and I know that because I have used them on MediaMax site). One day I just started getting the error saying that they were temporarily unavailable, and after about a month it dawned on me that I am to never see them again. By the way, MediaMax completely disclaims the responsibility for the lost files, so good luck taking them to court.

Secondly, I have been trying to CANCEL my account to no avail. No one is getting back to me, either from customer service or the billing department or even legal department. I have also left the voice message, I have sent them the email from the site. Nothing! If I don't succeed in the next two weeks, I am going to have to cancel my credit card, just so they wouldn't have my account number.

Just to think: I used to love Streamload so much!!!