Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Errors in September 2007

Since 19 September the official Mediamax blog has been reporting :

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our site. When attempting to access the site users may get a 401 error saying that they "are not authorized to view this page". Our IT team is working on correcting the situation. We will post here when it is resolved.

A week later and nothing has yet been posted to say it has been resolved.

Other known problems are files failing to upload, though you get no warning of this. They just do not appear.

Many files are inaccessible. Mediamax say they are working on it. See the quick link to the latest file availability audit on the right.

People being billed incorrectly. If you want to add your name to the list of those who want billing frozen until problems are resolved and dates rolled on by months already lost, then see the quick link on the right.

There are issues with the bulk uploader not working.

I'll do an entry each month where we can report and track progress. Follow the quick links in the side panel to the latest entry and the 'entries by subject' links for past entries.

We can also try a monthly poll. So the current one is what do you think of the Mediamax service in September. You can vote now. I'll run for this a week into October so we can register how the month has gone and then start a poll for October.

People also have wish lists of improvements (top is getting the current system working!!). Follow the quick link to the latest postings on wish lists.


Anonymous said...

The service is dead.Mediamax,ednd of year ifthis aint fixed or I dont see a HUGE improvementIm DONE

JD said...

Nice restructurement Luzo !
I got a response from John Hood about this automatic reply they are sending nowadays which basically says why tell bad news and scare people away and there is nothing to report anymore.
Thanks for writing. It's kind of a lose/lose situation isn't it? If we send out updates we get ripped, if we don't send out updates we get ripped. This is all the latest news. That's what we're trying to communicate to customers.

I can't think of any company that refers people to an outside blog. We won't be doing that.

Best Regards,

John Hood

icypurplepants said...

It's a little worrying that there haven't been any updates to their blog for over a week now, I just hope no news is good news. I've been having relative success uploading and downloading this week.

Up: Still a few files don't appear, or the web uploader just bombs out for no reason, but is happening much less than it was.

Down: Have been able to download a lot of files (PDFs and more) which have been unavailable for some time. Still a few more I need - which are unavailable, but it's re-assuring.

I daresay there are people out there with better (and worse) experiences than me.....

Beau said...

I havent had a single file
're-appear' yet.

JD said...

I have run a test again of my files
See the results at the reaction on the post at

Am not sure if that is to good place to react but if you want to react plse do here.

JD said...

there you have it already the
is not showing

JD said...

I forgot mentioning that testing of the urls in your archive for sure costs downloads. I emailed again tonight to support to tell about the results and mentioned this new feature also.

JD said...

wow got a record respone in about 4 hours from support
We are aware of an issue with some of our upload servers that are having issues staying online.We are working to resolve this issue.
I also got dl credits for the testing credits lost

Anonymous said...

I gotta agive credit to you people still holding out.Mediamax has been nothing but empty promies and one failure after another.I see no reason to use this service.My God 1 year of not working? Owait goin into year 2.Ive lost so many of my files.Ive just decided to call it quits.I lost files or my kids , deceased family members .Picturesthat are not replaceable.I cant believe people continue to pay for this service.

Martin said...

I'm continuing to hang in there and attempting to be positive and supportive because (when it is working properly) MediaMax provides me with file distribution facilities that I have not found in any other comparable service, paid of free.

Also, MediaMax still has some 18,000 of my files (left out of the 27,000 that have been uploaded over the past 4 years) and moving them anywhere else would be a huge undertaking.

I don't really have a choice.

Victor Meldrew said...

Another day, another set of problems (Sigh). As of yesterday 30th Sept, I can no longer distribute uploaded files to other folders. Any attempted move gives the following message
Error: A general system error occured (100001) and for good measure, sending files to other accounts produce this error message;
The query processor could not start the necessary thread resources for parallel query execution - with the result no files are sent. I'm getting these errors on both IE and Firefox.

I guess it's the price you have to pay in MediaMax World for uploads proceeding that little bit more smoothly.