Monday, August 6, 2007

Uploads per day figure, but what about the downloads figure we want?

Well we learn something else through this blog, which has not been posted on the official one. John Hood says in a comment on the blog of 3 August: "Uploads HAVE improved since this the downtime from this transition. We are performing more than 100,000 a day."

Cool. I wonder what the official success rate is given the experiences of failed uploads people are posting here.

Another question that should be easy to answer I posed in the 3rd August posting, but got no answer. If the missing files are being recovered at the rate of 10 terabytes per day, as claimed by the re-called CEO, Steve Iverson, then how long till completion?

My dead mp3 files are still dead. Just checked. This problem arose on 15 June according to Steve, so if they have been recovering files since then, it's about 50 days or 500 terabytes already processed or 500,000,000 MBytes.

Wow! If 500,000,000 MBytes of files have come back on line, it seems to me that there must have been an awful lot of people over the past 7 weeks who have suddenly found their files available once more. If you are one of them, please let us know. It will give the rest of us some hope.

In the meantime, John, can you type the numbers into your calculator so we know how long till completion? The sum is:

Time in days = Volume of files still to be processed in terabytes/10.


MIKE said...

Not me. I finished going through my files last night. THOUSANDS were gone -- hiccupped. I've cancelled my account. I don't even want a free one. I want nothing to do with this failing company anymore.

Mike (a happy ex-paying customer)

WillTRiker said...

I shudder thinking about how many files of my account that is measured in the TB are (temporarily ... yeah right) unavailable which probably need to be re-uploaded.

And 100,000 doesn't mean really that much ... the amount of MB involved is far more interesting. I mean ... we could be talking about 100,000 jpgs here.

I like the equasion Luzon ... curious to see what MMs answer to that one is.

And while fixing the downloads is also important ... without people uploading there isn't anything to download so I'd rather see MM fix their uploading mess first.

Anonymous said...

Nope - I seem to be losing one or two more each day. Its got to the point where I dread looking. Soon they will be all gone. I dont think mediamax will ever admit these files are permamently lost. They are just outright liars. I bet they'll ultimately blame 'the files'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am with a bunch of other people it seems, a huge chunk of my files aren't there and haven't been accessible for weeks now.

Luzo Orbit said...

I tried to upload a file using the on-line system. Took three goes, but it still hasn't appeared in by filemanager five hours later.

Maybe there is just so much uploading going on the system can't cope!

Just when I thought something was getting better....

John Hood said...

We usually do about 800GB a day in uploads when everything is running smoothly. We're obviously not back to that level yet, but are running at a few hundred GB per day.
We are about a third of the way through restoring access to files. I don't have a timeline for you beyond what Steve has already stated. We have more than a petabyte of files to sift through. What I can say is that 99.9998% of the files that we have tried to restore access to have been successful. We're working with our vendor to speed up the process.

WillTRiker said...

Well Luzo .... guess it will take 100 days then before everything is restored. Of course, this is assuming that we don't meet with any other inconvienances during that time, but seeing the trackrecord of MediaMax lately I think we don't have to worry about that -_-

John, while I accept your number of a few 100 GB that's being uploaded the system is still in total dissarray. I myself have enough stuff worth half a day of your uploading capacity. I really had hoped you answered to my last post in the "Is there a Mediamax cover up?"-thread. Today was yet another day of sheer non-service as MM XL keeps stalling for everybody (especially at the 30% mark of a file) and when it works it's at snail speed. If you're not comfortable answering here then reply to [ #AZW-82388-938] ... yet another plea to fix your uploading and processing services.

From what I read I get the feeling that you're WAY overtaxing your datacenter atm with the restoring access to files, an apperent sister organisation Nirvanix and then us, your customers banging on the gates trying to overload your HDs and CPUs with even more stuff. I'd shelf out some more money to get that datacenter a couple of weeks all to yourself.

Anonymous said...

People quit listening to these lies.Its August 18 as I post this and uploading doesnt work getting access to old files STILL does not work.These folks at Mediamax are pissin on you but telling you its raining.The only feature at Mediamax that works is the BILLING feature.Quit paying for this terrible service.Irefuse to give them 1 more dime of my money.This is going on 2 years ...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Anonymous said...

Service Unavailable are the words on a blank Html page.....Aug 19th

I have about 7 more days and they will charge me for another month of nothing to download.

I have 5 years worth of files collected that others have shared with me......not to mention over 200 albums that I have personally backed up from my collection. There is no chance I am going to reup these.