Monday, August 6, 2007

Tweaking to do

Posting Sunday 5 August on Mediamax blog:

We've still got some tweaking to do, but upload volume remains high. We realize that some uploads are still not completing and are working on a solution. We are also still working on access to some user files. Much progress has been made in this area over the last week.

Keeping checking here for updates.

As always, thanks for your business, patience and support!


MIKE said...

Yawn! SSDD.


Anonymous said...

They must be living in a paralell dimension. They're obviously not talking about 'our' mediamax that is totally rooted and has no 'patient' or 'supportive' customers.

Anonymous said...

Tweaking? More like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. All the fundamentals that would make this a usable service are still woefully impaired. It's still frustratingly slow, unreliable, and full of errors.

Take a humble, but functional system called Streamload, bloat the hell out of it, add loads of bells and whistles, trumpet it as the greatest thing since sliced bread, gradually withdraw many of the working features of the original system, foist it upon your paying customers with little or no testing - et voila! you end up with an abomination called MediaMax.

And for good measure, misplace/lose/render unavailable/ many of the files entrusted to your care along the way

Do MediaMax have a director of kamakaze operations I wonder?

WillTRiker said...

Sigh ... they forgot to add after completing "and also we know a lot files get lost in processing".

I also wonder about the upload volume ... as for me and my community uploads speeds have detoriated with 70% or more we sort of have the problem trying to squeeze a football through a straw. Knowing that we're not the only ones with the uploading problems I wonder what causes the upload volume they're talking about.

I just realised that the MM blog reminds me a little of excuse sheet of the BOFH (

I would urge MM staff to actually tweak some MAJOR improvements ... improvements that are met with your MM customers reduced to tears of happiness and champagn corks hitting the ceiling all over the world having yet a functional MM system again. In other words ... an improvement not only in words on the blog, but is backed by messages of approval from users that frequent blogs like this one.

Anonymous said...

Listen guys, it's no good moaning about the state of the Mediamax.

It's been screwed for the last year and I for one would be happy to see it wiped off the face of the net.

You need to start hitting them where it hurts and start demanding your money back.

After John Hood posted on here I got straight onto him and told him I wanted a year's refund, which after some delaying I eventually got.

(Still can't get my .flv files though.)

Threaten them with legal action, your in the driving seat as they have taken your money and not provided the service they advertise.

They wouldn't have a leg to stand on in a courtroom.

Start demanding you money back and closing accounts then they might start to take notice a bit more.


MIKE said...

I closed my account today.