Friday, November 16, 2007

Software upgrade and upload processing

The following is on the official blog, 16 November:

UPDATE: We're back up to speed!

Although MediaMax is fully accessible, we are upgrading the server software on a number of our servers today which has caused some delay in uploads being processed.

As always, we will post here when we're back up to speed.

You can't leave comments there, so leave them here.


Beau said...

What a comedy. Note the last two messages from MM. Both basically say "We're back to normal speed... but we are experiencing a few delays". Has anyone ever dealt with a company as bad as this? I dont think even companies that have deliberately tried to rob me have pissed me off as much as MM.

Anonymous said...

Everything is uploading fine for me

WillTRiker said...

After 3-4 days of really getting on my nerves I can report that at least for now (a remark that for everything V5 is a given) uploading and processing works as it should. Webuploading that is ... FTP and MM XL still suffer from the same problems when I first started testing them.

icypurplepants said...

Just a few thoughts.....I took a bit of a sabbatical from using MM for the last few weeks because I found it rather frustrating. (I had a "play" with Humyo too, not a bad service, but a fully working MM is still the best option out there).

Anyway, on return I see that the web uploaders are (mostly) working OK. Still the biggest frustration is that if it bombs out on the last 10k of a batch of 100 5mb files, you still have to upload the whole lot again.

FTP downloads weren't too bad, it's just a bit of a pain working out which links point to files that still exist.

Uploads with FTP are a waste of time - either they bomb out, or take a lifetime to upload (but then I didn't think I was supposed to be using it for that anyway).

icypurplepants said...

Hmmm, there hasn't been much activity on here or on Mediamax's blog for ages, where has everyone gone!?

Mike Brady said...

Well for me icypurplepants I've been able to upload my podcasts without problem. I use a Mac so the issues around the uploader aren't relevant to me - I have to use the web system.

Where am I? Messing about on this Yuwie social network some of the time.

JD said...

Have been uploading a lot lately
through the webinterface. Can confirm this works almost as it should.
Have tried ftp beginning of november, was not able to upload anything, wrote feedback to support, never got an answer so i did not continue on trying.
Have heard many problems with existing files for other people.
Guess it is waiting for the new v6 version and migrating before there is any news.
I really hope the helpdesk and communication will be improved as well.

icypurplepants said...

Cool! I too have been able to use the web-uploader with almost 100% success.

I'm only uploading an album at a time and it seems to be able to cope with that, if I try and queue 3 or 4, then more often than not, it still fails (which is annoying as I'd like to be able to upload shedloads overnight).

Looking forward to the new version too, with absolutely everything crossed that it's a smooth and successful upgrade! :-)

Anonymous said...

I must say I am amazed that people are still uploading files to this company after everything that they have done over the last year.

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