Thursday, December 6, 2007

OFFICIAL BLOG: Network outage

This is on the official Mediamax blog dated 4 December. See:

---quote begins
Network outage

UPDATE: This problem has been corrected and everything should fully functional.

We are experiencing some network connectivity problems which may result in the inability to get to the MediaMax website. This should be resolved shortly and we apologize for any inconvenience.

As always, we will update this post with updates on this issue.

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Anonymous said...

December 6...Cant access Mediamax at all.The problem is NOT fixed.

Madoka said...

Strange...cause on that day I had no problems whatsoever reaching MM. But this morning after a "good start" nothing... nada.
Perhaps they were preparing us for it?

I wonder what is happening to the testing of that "will-solve-all-problems" V6...Wasn't it supposed to be around this time or something like that?

WillTRiker said...

Missed the outage on december 4 (probably sleeping at the time) and I didn't have problems yesterday, but since about an hour the MediaMax site is unreacheable.

Madoka, V6 beta testing hasn't begun yet and yes, they sort of said it would start in this month.

Katie said...

Can't connect this morning, either.
I had no problems prior to today.

icypurplepants said...

Yep likewise, not been able to get onto the site all day today! :-(

John Hood said...

We've been back up for about an hour now. We had some network issues between us and the company that does IT/DBA for us. Our blog has been updated.

v6 alpha version will be available for testing by about mid-month. The underlying infrastructure is done. The engineers are doing the final bit of QA and the designers are finishing up the last bit of the UI so we're very close to release. I'll be contacting the folks who volunteered to test it shortly.

icypurplepants said...

Thanks for the update John - I think I am on that list, but if not, please add me (username: mcronin) as I would be only too happy (and keen) to test the new version.

I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of the new version!

John Hood said...

Yup, you're on that list, mcronin.


Every man for himself said...

Lies, lies, and more lies. MM deserves to sink and take every management rat with it. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING MM SAYS. Jump ship now while you still can! When they finally go under you can guarantee you will not be handed a lifejacket. You wont even hear an alarm bell... you will just suddenly find yourself abandoned and all your files will be lost for good.

Beau said...

Has the recovery program finished? I got nothing back, and have received not a word of communication. But then again I'm just a (stupid) paying customer.

JD said...

Beau the recovery process is finished

Martin said...

Folders lost when sending emails

After a break of almost 12 months while MediaMax has been too unreliable to even consider using it to distribute files, I finally plucked up the courage to send out the backlog of files that had accumulated during that time.

It was infuriating and time consuming that 448 files out of 4,420 (10%) uploaded between January and September 2007 had to be modified and reloaded after they fell victim to MediaMax’s sloppy housekeeping and became ‘dead links’, however, that is not the point of this posting.

These files have been bulk emailed in three sets each containing around 1,500 files. The files are divided into 3 major folders with 7 of 8 sub folders beneath each of these. The files are emailed to two groups of about 100 MediaMax users.

The collections appear to be delivered intact if checked immediately after arrival but at some time within the first 24 hours the first folder in each collection vanishes. Curiously, this is more likely to happen to the second group that has been emailed.

On one occasion when I emailed again the lost folder, the first subfolder of this smaller collection also vanished, but this time it also disappeared from my own collection as well as the accounts of people who had received the file set. Fortunately I had a copy elsewhere in my MediaMax Account and was able to reconstruct the folder without having to reload the 30 files!

Perhaps a workaround would be to include a sacrificial folder named say '!Delete this if you want to unreliable MediaMax'. It would sort to the start by virtue of the ! in the name. Then MediaMax's peccadillo of deleting the first folder could be assuaged but nothing valuable would be lost.

Of course it would be much better if MediaMax could actually fix the problem.

Madoka said...

I know that some people have been experiencing this for the last couple of days, but it looks like it hit me only today... I am used to that weirdness too :)
The problem of the day is stalled uploads (what's new, right)... they all kind of reach the end, but when it comes to actually finishing they kind of give up, either by "null" or by just hanging there indefinitely although my network stats are registering maximum speeds... but then can you really be uploading 10MB for more than an hour at 230KB... I don't think so. So...I'll be waiting for tomorrow.

JD said...

I have seen this also and especially last2 days i have troubles uploading. To find out as quickly
as possible try small uploads first to see if they get through.
I heard other people as well about clearing ur cookies from mediamax.

JD said...

Tonight for 3th in a row serious shit
in uploading, was quite a time ago that i was unable to use it for such a long time

JD said...

hmm seems to be delays in processing again, some uploaded files pop up now