Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mediamax ftp gateway beta 1

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Today we announce the availability of MediaMax FTP Gateway Beta 1. You can download the latest bits right here.

What can the FTP Gateway do?
The FTP Gateway lets you use an FTP client to both upload and download from your account instead of using our standard web interface.

What are the requirements to use the FTP Gateway?
To run the MediaMax FTP Gateway Beta you'll need:

Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (we'll grab it automatically if you don't have it installed yet)

An FTP client like SmartFTP or FileZilla.

Is it secure?
The MediaMax FTP Gateway runs over secure HTTP (https) for both uploads and downloads.

Important Notes

Accounts with a large number of files may not be able to see files for downloading. You will still be able to upload to your account however

You may notice slower transfer speeds than what you may be accustomed to on the MediaMax web interface

We would love to hear your feedback about the MediaMax FTP Gateway. To send us feedback, click the feedback link in the main Gateway window, or send us an e-mail.

If you encounter serious issues with the FTP Gateway which are not covered in this document, you can contact our support team at As the FTP Gateway is beta software, we may not be able to immediately solve all issues. Additionally, our support team will not be able to assist with issues regarding third-party FTP clients.

Where can I learn more?
You can read the full release notes either by installing the gateway or you can read them right here

We hope you find the FTP Gateway beneficial!

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WillTRiker said...

Well, I can confirm that large accounts don't get to see their files.

Also the speed leaves very much to be desired. My upload method of choice allways was MM XL as I achieved a 200Kbyte speed with that against only 80Kbyte FTP could give me (allthough I could start up multiple sessions). This beta has the same connectivity the last beta MM XL had .... really bad, maxes out at 12Kbyte and starting up multiple sessions seems to divide that 12Kbyte over the numer of sessions you run. I did notice an instantenous appearance in the filemanager though of what I had uploaded.

For me though upload speed is most important and at this it fails so I'll stick to webuploading, buggy as it may be, for a while longer.

Kris said...

You've got to be kidding me! We need to use a special application to use FTP? Seriously? Why can't we use FTP as it was meant to be used? I'm really confused by this. Now I can't use FTP on my Linux boxes and I don't understand why.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Error: Could not connect to server

Nice job Steve Iverson

Anonymous said...


kcq71 said...

With a high speed connection Im getting a transfer speed of 9.9 kb/sec. That is not good at all.For FTP that is the slowest speed Ive ever seen in my life.The XL is actually uploading better than the FTP.FTP speed is just terrible

kcq71 said...

UPDATE: We're back up to normal speeds again and there is no longer a delay.

Mediamax somebody better check again

Anonymous said...

Cant send files getting the general error

John Hood said...

We got daily demands for the return of FTP. We let many posters on this blog try it out first before we even considered releasing it and knew from the feedback we got from users like WillTRiker that there would be issues for large acct holders. We've been clear from the get go that it would be sluggish and might not work for those users.We felt it was better to have some FTP service for smaller account holders than to have none at all. So far we received a positive response from those users.
I'm sorry that it hasn't worked out for all of you, but as I said earlier this is exactly what we expected to happen and what has been shared on our blog.

Anonymous said...

Releasing a product not all your paying users can use.Another smart move by Mediamax to shed more frustrated members.John Hood please stay away from Version 6.We have seen your work on Version 5.Please stay away.No input , nothing

kcq71 said...

Thanks John Hood.Actully the xl app has been working great for me.Im kind of shocked.When will large account holders be able to use the ftp?

Anonymous said...

The insistence of people to stay with this sinking service amazes me.

Marcus said...

WHY!?!? I don't understand the idea of having an FTP GATEWAY program!?!?! That doesn't make ANY sense at all! That program unnecessary overhead!!! What jerks! I want access to my files again so I can dump this idiotic service!!

Katie said...

I know this isn't the right thread, but uploads aren't showing up, even after waiting quite a while, today.

Who does John Hood and Iverson think they are trying to kid? It's 'OK' to offer a beta version of something that is as close to crap as you can possibly get and think it's all 'OK' if you warn everyone ahead of time that it is crap? Hahahaha!

If it's crap, it's crap. And apologizing for it doesn't make it any less crappy OR usable.

WTF, MediaMax? said...

Just tried the FTP thing.

I can see my files and everything, and download some of them - but the files I couldn't access before - still can't access them.

WillTRiker said...

The portal program is needed in order to make it possible for people to DOWNload from their accounts with their FTP application of choice. I assume that the portal is connected to your profile in MM so they can deduct MBs when you download anything.

Since I have a massive account I can't see my files (which also means that broken uploads can't be resumed), but I was wondering if anyone had downloaded something using the portal and if so what kind of speeds they were getting.

Marcus said...

Well its too bad that this "portal" program doesn't allow me to actually download my files. But a regular FTP or UNIX ftp login would worked the same with less programming involved. In fact, I wouldn't mind a delay in upload processing if it allowed me to download the file once I uploaded it :)

Anonymous said...

Steve Iverson continues to disappoint.Mediamax xl app was working fine.Now it wont do a thing.FTP is released but not for everyone.What a mess Iverson

Anonymous said...

XL App working again now I cant send

A general system error occurred: 100001

Way to go Steve Iverson