Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Errors in November 2007

I'll post updates on the official Mediamax blog about upload delays as comments on this entry, rather than a new one each time.

You can find it from the 'errors list' link at the side.

This has been posted today. See:

UPDATE: We're back up to normal speeds, thank you for your patience!

Just a quick note to our users that there's a brief upload delay so files won't immediately appear as per normal.

We should be caught up shortly and will update this post when we're caught up again.

You can't leave comments on the official blog, so leave them here.


JD said...


I was looking at that yuwie thing.
Can't find zip through search at yuwie for mediamax or at ur personal
page. Why is this, do I really need to sign up?

jd said...

sorry, found it under ur profile as a newsclub

susanl said...

I think it is impressive that they have been keeping the blog up-to-date. Nice change!

Anonymous said...

Despite the new FTP I still have the same problems downloading the same files I previously had problems with. So no fix for me.

Anonymous said...

susanl, do you work for Mediamax?

Sorry, but they have NOT been keeping up their blog. They have the worst communication with their customers of any internet service provider out there, period!

Anyone else getting 'general system error 100001' message Friday night? I haven't had that one since...oh, last year with the streamload-Mediamax migration mess!
File manager won't load. grrrr.


nigoki said...

More than half of my web uploads timed out....

Victor Meldrew said...

Currently, both FTP and webuploads seem to "work" - ie proceed without error messages or timeouts, but while a few files may appear straight away, the majority just never show up and require 3 or 4 resends.

As for the official Blog, their 10min processing delay last week equated to more like 10 hours for me, or just total non-appearance.

The mail feature was refusing to send for quite some time, but I saw no mention of that in MediaMax's Blog

This disgraceful service appears to be almost permanently broken and only occasionally works as advertised.

Anonymous said...

Despite forwarding proof of my PayPal documentation each month since August, Mediamax has blocked access to my access with only periodic periods of file access with the same problems.

Sicne I had indicated the same problems with the new FTP servor through the feedback button, Mediamax has decided to block access despite sucking money from my account.

Well you have received your last payment. I have given up on you.


TACTICA said...


Thanks for writing.We're sorry you've experienced difficulties download this content. We've instituted a recent recovery operation which has recovered the vast majority of files that became missing due to our data center migration in June. Outside of these, I'm afraid it may be better to assume that any remaining content which is not available to you is corrupted and therefore unrecoverable. They may become recoverable at some poiint, but for now it may be more prudent to assume the data is lost.

In order to restore access to the missing data, please reupload the data or have the original owner of the content upload the data. Re-emailing the same corrupt links will not work. While we recognise that this may be a frustrating situation, please note that the service is provided on an "as-is" basis. With that said, recent improvements and enhancements to our service has made unavailability issues such as these do not recur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further queries.

Sincere regards,
MediaMax Support

trackspike said...

it has been nothing but a headace with mediamax ,there super upload mediamax xl does work half the time and regular uploading from mp3 to pictures and movies are a pain on the mediamax login page upload is slow and cuts out hlf way through there!