Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving over to Linkup - watch out non-paying users you could lose your files

Thanks to everyone, and in particular WillTRiker, for keeping this blog going.

Great to see John Hood is a regular poster, responding to people's concerns here. Nice to get requests from you for adding links to help people using the blog, but may I suggest MediaMax looks to its own blog (comments still disabled) and poor communications at the same time.

Which is the issue that prompts me to come back today. I follow what's going on as comments are posted and hear that many people have not yet received a notification email from MediaMax. Mine has just arrived, so I'm posting it below. Like some people who have commented here, I am concerned that the switch over is to take place next week and I'm only being informed now.

It is an utter disgrace to read that free Mediamax subscribers need to upgrade by 25 April: "Otherwise, your account will be deleted and all your files will be lost."

Hasn't MediaMax learned a thing about the misery it causes when it loses people's files?

Anyway, the latest poll presents some other options, so give your view. For the record, the last poll showed that in January 70% of voters had extreme problems with MediaMax, 16% significant problems, 9% rare problems and 5% no problems.

This is the email I've just received. I'll join in with posting my comments on the switch over here later.


---MediaMax email received 18 April (ie one week before free subscribers will lose all their files)

We have some exciting news to share! We will be launching a major upgrade to MediaMax this month. With this release, we're going to be renaming our service to "The Linkup" ( The Linkup supports all of the current functionality of MediaMax, but also has some exciting new features.

The basic info you need to know:

"The Linkup": MediaMax will be renamed to "The Linkup" on April 25. The new URL will be and we're expecting that you'll love the new service and features. You can check out a preview now at:

Current subscribers: If you are currently a paying subscriber to MediaMax, you don't need to do anything. Your account will automatically be moved from MediaMax to The Linkup before the end of the month. All files that you uploaded to MediaMax after July 1, 2007 will be automatically moved to The Linkup. If you'd like to move additional files, please select them here using the "mover" tool:

We'll process requests made using this tool once per day through the end of this month. You can use this tool more than once if you forgot some files the first time.

Current non-paying users: If you are not currently a paying subscriber to MediaMax, you need to upgrade your account before April 25 to be included in the move. Otherwise, your account will be deleted and all your files will be lost. Click here to upgrade your MediaMax account:

Upgrade now:

The Linkup Prices: Effective April 25, we will be increasing the prices of all of our premium subscriptions, but, in addition to the increased stability and new features that The Linkup provides, we are also removing bandwidth limits on all accounts, so there will be no more bandwidth "overage" charges (for personal, non-commercial use only). For example: $4.95/mo subscribers will now be paying $5.95/mo; $9.95/mo subscribers will now be paying $11.95/mo. Your MediaMax subscription will be automatically moved to a The Linkup subscription that is closest to what you currently pay. Additional subscription details will be available on The Linkup web site.

That's it! If you're currently a paying subscriber, there is nothing for you to do (except for selecting extra files that you'd like to have moved). For additional information please visit our blog:

Thanks for reading, and we're looking forward to having you at The Linkup!

MediaMax & The Linkup Support Team


Luzo Orbit said...

Okay, so having tried the mover I have some questions.

It asks me to set a date for when I want my files moved. Why?

My guess is all the old links to my MediaMax hosted files will die. Is that correct John Hood?

Do we have to trawl the internet changing the URL to the URL?

If not, then why does the date matter?

A little more explanation on your official blog or the move tool page would be useful.

Anonymous said...

at least mover is working for you, for me (and lots of others) it doesn't. Been complaining for 4-5 days now, there is less than 7 days left till deadline, and they still didn't figure out why it works for some and for most doesn't.
JohnHood, I'm sure you are aware that if lots of people will lose their old files (older than July 2007) because of the malfunction of the MOVER, you can say goodbye to them, right?

nigoki said...

I have more than 250000 files in my Mediamax account.
It will take me several hours to move them all to Linkup.

And what about this social storage ? I have several TB in my account right now.

Anonymous said...

Question toward JohnHood's last comment about social storage limits.
I understand everything you said about everyone sharing and actual storage not being reduced and all but my question is about those frst couple of weeks of migration from MediaMax to theLinkUp. At that time everything will be a mess, Social Storage will not be working properly till everyone is migrated and sharing and settled in. However, some of us still have several TB's of storage on MediaMAx and would like to migrate them ALL to theLinkUp and then sort out if we need to reduce our archives or not or that we need an exception from MediaMax? Will EVERYONE be able to migrate ALL files they want from MediaMax to theLinkUP even in excess of storage limit set (75GB?) to the amount of more than several TBs and then have some grace period of 2-3 months to bring their accounts to order, see Social Storage kick in and see if they actually need to reduce their archives or not? I guess the final question is, will be storage limit enforced immediately from the moment we move our files to the LinkUP? Will we be allowed to move archives several TB's large to our new LinkUp accounts or will the 75GB limit kick in immediately?

In MM official blog it says that Social Storage limits will not kick in till July 2008 does it mean that 75GB is not enforced now and will not be enforced till July?
OR are we going to have some major problems?

EegahInc said...

The mover isn't working for me. Anybody having better luck?

dragon_quest said...

I agree entirely with anonymous : we have no way to know how many GB or TB our files represent right now in the new social storage.

In my case almost every file in my account was send to me from somebody else (since 2002), so I can suppose "some" people have the same files. But I don't know how much is "some".

Can you please John Hood transfer them all to my TLU account (for now a 200 GB plan in TLU) until I sort things out ? I can delete a lot of files if necessary but right now I don't know if it's even necessary. I believe I use the service the way it's designed for because I only have shared files.

MM: dragon_quest

Wiz said...

I have a problem with free accounts being deleted and all files removed. I stopped using Media Max almost a year ago when my credit card was charged twice a month for 6 months, it took customer support 6 months to respond to me, and I was paying to use Media Max even though I could never use it due to massive amounts of errors. I have thought about using TLU, but when I requested permission to Beta test, I never heard back. Now, everyone knows MM5 was a disaster... both from start to finish, it just never got where it needed to be. However, from what I hear TLU is going to be completely different. I'd like to have the ability to use TLU and keep my files just as I did with MM... at least for a few months even! I just don't see myself upgrading to TLU, just to keep my files, when I don't know at all how well it will work.

Anonymous said...

I have started moving my files someplace else. Most of the files are missing as usual, "unavailable", but I have also discovered that a large number of files that are not mine have been added to my account. I have also discovered that a few of my photos, although they have the same name as before, have been switched to some other person's photos.

fransosa said...

I'm in the same situation that dragon_quest.

I would like to know if I will lose all the shared files that already have. Even those that I already have in my MM Inbox.

MM: fransosa

Anonymous said...

Signing up seems to be an issue. I tried it this morning; and just now, and I get a server out of memory issue.
I tried the option to re-send the confirmation email, same error.

Katie said...


I would like to know the same answer as Luzo Orbit:
Are all my hosted links going to be invalid, and I will have to replace ALL of my hosted links after the switch to Linkup??
(That's if my files even make it to Linkup...the mover tool hasn't responded to me so far, but I have sent an email to John Hood requesting my entire account to be moved to Linkup.
No response yet.

Katie said...

does this link work?

Can anyone explain why two identical plans are going for two different prices, across the board? I would assume the laughably exortbitant pricing on the right of each pair of plans is a mistake. Sheesh!

I want to cry to think that I am going to lose all my files before July 2007 because this @#$% mover tool doesn't do anything but give me a blank, white page.

JD said...

have done a small test with my own empty account
if i have recieved shared files and i download directly those files are not calculated. This only happens when I copy the files to my private folder
So I take only storage if I save it explicitly
On the other side there are some strange things happening in the senders account because the folder sent is saved in the sent links folder. When I check my profile it reports storage added each time sending a link. I am doing this test with 1 Gb upload so that's quite easy to see, I wonder how this sharing of storage really works??

Anonymous said...

I also cannot get the mover to work.

I'm not sure that I want to move my whole account, as most of it is an utter mess, but I would like to be able to move some of it at least.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Mediamax you never fail to let us down do you, it's just one disaster after another.

Someone really should nail these clowns in the courts and get them shut down for good.

Anonymous said...

"Watch out non-paying users you could lose your files"...Hmmm, horse, cart and bolted....!

You forgot to mention the paying customers who have lost their files as well.

Picture the scene - Mediamax HQ..

Anyone seen our customers files?

Errr, nope not me..they were on the desk a second ago.

Oh ok, well not to worry, just bill em double for this month, they'll never notice.

Ummm ok, but what about the files..?

Get John Hood to put some bullshit on the blog about them getting thrown out with the trash..

Ummm, ok..are we still charging then...?

Yeah, just get the money, it will be ok...

Ummm ok.

Anonymous said...

With days to go, the sodding mover tool still doesn't work and gives the message: 0 file(s) were extracted from your MediaMax account on 1/1/0001. Extract again? You have no files to migrate.

Mr. Hoodie told us to wait a day and it would be fine but I've tried periodically over the last ten days and there's no change.

The next phase of the MM nightmare beginneth!!!

Anonymous said...

The hilariously expensive price plans have been taken down. Was that some kind of sick Mediamax joke? Are you guys enjoying yourselves? Even if you manage to get this move done, I think I'm going to stop using you out of principle....

Anonymous said...

Can we go back to Streamload? Please? I have a very, very, very, very, very hazy distant memory of a file storage system that actually worked!

Covereds Place said...

can't find anything about the adjusted prices, where did you see that then?

the link(s) i had bring me to the main TLU page, and from there no working link at all

jd said...

When you go to ur profile and press buy more link this subscription plan should appear and yes there is an error in there because the year prices are on the same line as the month plans

Anonymous said...

With one disaster after another it doesn't seem like much, I know, but isn't anyone else bothered by the fact that MM seems to have swapped customer's files? If anyone is missing some photos of a cute little girl in a park I have them in my account... Along with a bunch of other files that doesn't belong to me. I wonder if some of my missing files is sitting in someone else's account??

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the file mover doesn't work for me either. Almost all of my files (photos) are prior July 2007...

Katie said...

Ohmigod, ohmigod. What is going to happen to my files??

Now the mover tool takes me to this:
The Linkup Account Mover

This web site enables you to easily move from your old online storage provider to the soon to be world famous The Linkup.

To get started, click your existing provider below:

BUT, it keeps taking me to the same Mediamax login page over and over again, getting me no where...this is not a good start, not at all.

*chews nails*

If they delete all my files prior to July 2007 due to this freaking mover tool not working, anyone interested in trying to file a class-action lawsuit?
I wonder if there is some sort of consumer protection agency who offers legal counsel and/or advice as a recourse?

This is insane.

Covereds Place said...

and once again they go in complete silence.

last reply from their site: 17th of april.

Anonymous said...

mover does nothing for me either. I think this is their way of getting rid of a lot of excess baggage.

Masha said...

Mover does work, its just MM incompetence is the problem. I have 2 accounts with MM (one small one still with very good pricing from Streamload), so yesterday the Mover started to work on my small account. My guess is that MediaMax has a LOT of costumers and as each account is prepared for the move they appear in the Mover. So unless the account is prepared the Mover won't work. Its an indication of the MM incompetence and rash to new system is that they didn't anticipate the time it would take to prepare ALL accounts for the move, as the result I don't know if all accounts would have to time to move since it takes at least 24 business hours for the Mover to do its job and we have less than 5 days left. My main account - and my archive are still not prepared and I am really starting to worry.
JohnHood, I really think based on the slow progress of MediaMax preparing accounts for the move and time it takes, you should extend the deadline from April 25 to at least mid-May. It took 10 whole days for my small account to be ready in Mover, and my big account is still not ready. Furthermore, the Inbox files didn't show up in the mover while Trash files did.
Couple of hints to prepare your account for the move and make your job easier:
1) Move EVERYTHING from your Inbox to Saved Attachments. My inbox files didn't show up in the Mover but my saved attachments files did.
2) Delete everything from your Trash accounts, for some reason ALL undeleted TRASH files appear in the Mover as viable files. I almost moved my trash account to TheLinkUp. So make sure to clean out your Trash accounts.
3) Finally, if there will be enough time after moving files, click on extract files again to make sure you didn't miss anything.
4) Put up for the move the earliest date possible, to give yourself time to check out if you did miss something
5)Even if you chose files to move in the Mover, you can still go back to add more files by clicking EDIT near Files status in the Mover. (Once your Mover account starts working and you select your files to move, you'll know what I mean)

Katie said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, Masha!

Katie said...

Just tried to log into the Mover. Get this message now, for the first time:
'Unable to continue, data from MediaMax is still being processed.'

Not sure what to think, as I had not been able to choose the files to move yet.
Does this message mean that my account is being prepared to move, or is being moved?

Masha said...

I finally got response from MM Support

Here are some answers hopefully:
1) For the short term, we will not be enforcing the new Social Storage quotas until June 1, 2008. We expect that less than 1% of MediaMax users will have to reduce their storage utilization The Linkup's new Social Storage is going to enable you, and the entire The Linkup Community, to create massive file collections for an extremely low monthly price.

2. We do have the Mover tool that is available to user. There has been issues with the mover for larger accounts. We are currently working to resolve the issues with the Mover. Even if the issue is not resolved by April 25th customers will still be able to move files after this date to The Linkup. We are not going to leave customers without the opportunity to move their files.

3. Files in the Saved Attachment folder will and can be moved.

Anonymous said...

What is "Saved attachments"? I don't have that in my account. Is it the same as all the files listed in the file manager?

Anonymous said...

If you go to MediaMax File Manager, and look at the left-hand side and see the folders. There are 3 main folders listed under File Manager - My Files, Saved Attachments and Trash.

When you save files from the Inbox to File Manager, those files automatically go to Saved Attachments folder and stay there unsorted unedited until you manually go and move them to your main folder - My Files.
You can say its a temp file between Inbox and MyFiles from File Manager

Anonymous said...

I check this blog daily because of my affliction (mental and emotional heath)regarding Mediamax. I clicked on the Move tool on this blog and signed in on "The Linkup". Here is the following message... 454450 file(s) were extracted from your MediaMax account on 4/18/2008. Extract again? Question1-are these files in my " The Linkup" now?. Question2- Are the Inbox files included? Question3 what if in my over abundance of caution, I put the INBOX files in the SAVED ATTACHMENT FOLDER AS OF April 20,
will those files show up in my Linkup account automatically?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation re Saved attachments. But, I don't have any such folder! All I have is My Files, Hosted and Trash and that's it! What should I do??

Anonymous said...

OK I just managed to create a Saved Attachment folder, but I sure wonder why this folder has never appeared before??

Anonymous said...

question 1: those files you apparently got in your mediamax account and are now prepared to be moved. They are NOT in theLinkUp yet. Now you need to choose which ones to move. Mover shows from where each files comes from - make sure you don't move TRASH files. Play around with Mover, if you choose some files already and want to add more files - click edit
2)So far none of the files from Inbox showed up but saved attachment is there
3)I think the files you saved on April 20th (2 days after the files showed up), are not there yet. You might want to pick one file/folder and check. I suspect if you click on Extract Again - you'll get the most recent files in your mover. I suggest some caution, it appears it takes at least 24 hrs for Mover to update, so if your Mover is working and you click Extract Again, you won't be abble to access Mover till those updated files are processed. I would first select most of the files you want to move and schedule them for the move, before clicking on Extract Again and locking up Mover in the process...

As for question regarding existance of Saved Attachments folder... Have you ever received files from someone in your inbox and then choose an option of saving them in file manager? The saved attachment folder should have been created automatically by Mediamax.

Katie said...

Going to ask this again:
"Just tried to log into the Mover. Get this message now, for the first time:
'Unable to continue, data from MediaMax is still being processed.'

Not sure what to think, as I had not been able to choose the files to move yet.
Does this message mean that my account is being prepared to move, or is being moved?"

Still haven't gotten an announcement email from MM, either, about this switch.

Anonymous said...

NOt got a response on the previous post since 19th, I am i the same position as Katie.

Since the 18th I tried the mover, nothing happened except for it to tell me all files extracted. Nothing in My link up account.

Nothing from MM support.

When I try to log in to the Link up mover I get the same message as Katie.

Can someone, preferably someone from the company we are paying for a service tell me what's the status of my files. You are not the only people with a business to run!!!

Dave said...

crap... Above post is mine, Dave

Anonymous said...

Iverson and crew just dont seem to get it.Im giving them to the 25.Im not trying the mover Im just waiting till the new service goes online.If its the same problems that we have had for 2 years since Mediamax Im done forever.

Covereds Place said...

with you lots and lots of people think the same, reason why MM has so many freeloaders right now.

i think Sl aka MM aka TLU know damn well this the last chance they get.

Doesn't mean that they just can't let things go, withuot communication, and just let people themselves find out the 25th.

I think though they are dealing with some huge probs right now, cause this reaction (eexactly no reaction) is what always happened.
Thought they learned.
The lack of communication, last one is still the 17th on this blog, it makes alarmbells ringing on my side.

anyway...........clock is ticking....

Archie said...

I haven't had any luck at all with the mover tool. Now today, I get this error (error message snipped in part):

Server Error in '/mover' Application.

Configuration Error
Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: The entry 'ScriptModule' has already been added.

Source Error:

Source File: D:\MediaMaxApplications\MigrationTool\web.config Line: 103

Simon Hatter said...

This company has shown its incompetence in the past. Now it had given false advertising, and broken a consumer law (yes). One week notification to change contracts, and to destroy paid subscribers materials is in fact illegal without due process (notification in this case) is a criminal act.

I believe the people running this company are not responding due to the stack of legal work landing on their tables.

LAck of response to customers queries, beit here, or through email shows there negligence.

Legalities aside. The companies advertising, marketing and sales division is pathetic and would be fired in any other company for their lack of.... well anything.

Who is Johnhood anyway?

Katie said...

I'm getting the same 'error message' page as Archie.

Is it safe to assume that the 'migration tool' has crashed??
Would not surprise me!

They are definitely NOT ready to foist The Linkup onto their customers this coming Friday! Jeez!

Still have received no email from MM, either!

Anonymous said...

I get the same error message. I got this response from MM. I find it hard, though, to put any faith in that the files will not be lost (I'm a paying customer):

"Hello, Your files will not be deleted even though your having issues with the Mover tool. We are aware of the issue. Even if we reach April 25 you will still be able to use the Mover tool after this date to Move files from your old MediaMax account. Thank you for contacting MediaMax Support.

JuddMediaMax Support Please read and subscribe to our blog at for the latest site updates"

hawkecrystal said...

This all just points to the rush hack job that these folks always seem to be doing. No answers from them with less than 3 days to go. As with others here, yesterday I finally wasn't able to log into the mover due to being told it was 'Unable to continue, data from MediaMax is still being processed.' This gave me the false hope that after 3 days of attempting to use the danged thing that my account was finally being processed (3 days instead of daily as they said they would process.)

Then today, I try again, only to get (html tags replaced to post):

Line 101: [/httpHandlers]
Line 102: [httpModules]
Line 103: [add name="ScriptModule" type="System.Web.Handlers.ScriptModule, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/]
Line 104: [add name="DynamicDataModule" type="System.Web.DynamicData.DynamicDataHttpModule, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/]
Line 105: [add name="UrlRoutingModule" type="System.Web.Mvc.UrlRoutingModule, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/]

They can't even get their mover working in the first place! Does this tell us what is going to come? Over another year of worthless service!?

John Hood, you're company is dying in flames and you folks don't even appear to be trying to put out the fire!


ff8raider said...

Yeah, that mover tool is pretty much crapula. If you're lucky it will say files extracted and do nothing, but it usually just comes up with a large obtrusive server error.

But hey, I like it better than "We had a small Hiccup"

I'm just hoping my files get moved over, I can't get into my MM account anymore, because I refuse to pay them a subscription 6 days before their whole new launch. I've been running on credit for about 4 months anyways. =)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend alternative sites for storage?

Dave said...

I am currently uploading to the TLU. And I have to say I have had no problems with the uploads using the Link UP Up loader. However the batch uploader on the site itself has never worked for me.

The interface is a bit plain. And seriously lacks an edit folder option to change the name of a folder. Otherwise its good.

The main issue I would like answered is:

Where are my MediaMax files? And when/if they come crashing into my TLU account what state will they me in? Same folder Architecture? And please goodness are the files I am currently uploading still going to be intact?

Answers would be nice


Anonymous said...

Wow, one day to go and, judging from posts here, this really is the car crash everyone was expecting....

Anonymous said...

Is the mover tool EVER going to work or am I doomed to lose my files?

Yes, I know we allegedly have more time after the 25th, but that won't make any difference if the darn thing does not work.

Also, my subscription charge is going to increase by about half. I currently pay about $80 a year (I'm grandfathered in on an old Streamload Subscription) and according to TLU, I'm now going to be paying just under $120 a year.

I know that prices have to go up and all, but after the last year and a half of bad service don't you think that's a bit rich?

Well, at this moment in time I'm planning to quit when my subscription comes due. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

JD said...

Error message: A general failure occurred.

This is what i get when i try to move all files with the mover from
1th july 2007
When I try choose files it gives me a program dump with lot's of details like you get also. Somewhere I see getFilelist called. I suspect mediamax raises errors like always with invalid links. Might be the same problem that sometimes appears in mmm with moving (general 1001) or in davcins tools. I suspect this tool cannot handle corrupt structures like they are / have in mediamax with corrupted links. It makes me wonder if they can manage this migration at all.

Katie said...

Still can't log into the mover...'files from Mediamax are still being processed'.

I never was able to choose the files I wanted to move in the first place, so I have no idea what it is talking about.

Yes, the train-wreck is almost upon us!

Anonymous said...

Hood, you promised it wouldn't be like this. At the very least, extend your deadline!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only when searching for important files I'd like to move, did I discover how many had simply disappeared!! Given that these guys are so incompetent on even the most basic things, God only knows what they are like on data security. Where are those files now? Are they sitting around in other people's accounts or just hiding out in the forgotten corners of hard drives? And what will happen to the billions of files destroyed through this already chaotic and mismanaged new 'upgrade'? Can we trust them to destroy our info securely? I don't think so. I have to conclude that this company is not just incompetant, it's probably negligent and dangerous. It's time not just to find a new storage service but to request that Hood and Co have their practices investigated by data protection authorities.

Katie said...

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would beg for Mediamax, flawed and inferior (to Streamload) that it is, to be left alone.

Don't do this to us! Leave things be until you really truly have the ability to handle this transition, John Hood, Iverson, et al.!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying: Thank God for this blog!!

Could someone please tell me where EXACTLY in TheLinkUp I am to move my Mediamax HOSTED files?

I have several PRO accounts. I HOTLINK to these files from my website; I don't e-mail or "send" them.

jd said...

conforming the official mm blog the switch is to take place on the 30th.

for the mover tool see

Dave said...

Great now they have given another 5 days. 5 more days of wondering what's happening...

I used the mover, which seemed to be working... though for the second time still not a single file moved...

I have been trying to upload to TLU today... and am getting errors. only about 25% of my files are going up... I thought they said the service would be better?!!!

Tomorrow is D day... sorry Launch day...

JD said...

ha the official mediamax blog also stated the mover tool has been improved. Unfortunately I tried again today to move all files since 1th of july 2007 and suprise suprise ....

A problem occurred, details are as follows:

Error message: A general failure occurred.

Covereds Place said...

the mover results:

all files uploaded since july 2007:

A problem occurred, details are as follows:

Error message: A general failure occurred

choose files

Server Error in '/mover' Application.

A general failure occurred.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: TLU.MigrationManagement.MigrationManagementException: A general failure occurred.

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

Stack Trace:

[MigrationManagementException: A general failure occurred.]
TLU.MigrationManagement.MigrationManagement.ListMediaMaxFiles(Int64 mmUserId, Int32 start, Int32 pageSize) in C:\Projects\Mediamax\src\trunk\Modules\TLUMigrationTool\MigrationManagement\Source\MigrationManagement.cs:1190
MvcApplication.Controllers.FileController.GetFileList(Int64 mmUserId, String folderName, Int32 pageSize, Int32 start) in C:\Projects\Mediamax\src\trunk\Modules\TLUMigrationTool\TLUWebApp\Source\Controllers\FileController.cs:255

[TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.]
System.RuntimeMethodHandle._InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, SignatureStruct& sig, MethodAttributes methodAttributes, RuntimeTypeHandle typeOwner) +0
System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, MethodAttributes methodAttributes, RuntimeTypeHandle typeOwner) +72
System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture, Boolean skipVisibilityChecks) +371
System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) +29
System.Web.Mvc.Controller.InvokeActionMethod(MethodInfo methodInfo) +847
System.Web.Mvc.Controller.InvokeAction(String actionName) +319
System.Web.Mvc.Controller.Execute(ControllerContext controllerContext) +140
System.Web.Mvc.Controller.System.Web.Mvc.IController.Execute(ControllerContext controllerContext) +4
System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler.ProcessRequest(IHttpContext httpContext) +168
System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext httpContext) +32
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Anonymous said...

I emailed the Linkup support and complained about the mover and just got this reply:


Thank you for your email. I apologize for the issues you've encountered with our Mover Tool. It's currently unavailable since we are currently in mid process of moving some of our largest accounts. You will just need to check back later. We will extend the deadline if needed. Thank you for your patience as we enter this new and exciting phase of our service. Please let us know if you have other requests at this time.

Best regards,
EstebanThe LinkUp Support

Please visit our The LinkUp blog for the latest news at the following location: The LinkUp thrives because of its loyal customers. We would love to hear from you about your experience using The LinkUp Support. Please email us at

PaulR said...

Anyone got a link to the TLU uploader?

Dave said...

jd said...

I have seen this storage sharing working in my accnt, so my previous call of a possible problem was not correct. Maybe there is/was a delay in updating statistics

Anonymous said...

Is anyone on here in the legal profession?

It's about time we nailed these bastards to the cross once and for all!

Get them in the courts and get em out of business!

Steve Iverson YOU ARE SCUM!

Katie said...


Just received email from John Hood regarding moving my entire account.

He says it will be today or tomorrow. :)

Hopefully I won't have to try to use the Mover tool at all.

Anonymous said...

OK, after 4 days since the date I scheduled my files to move - MOVER finally moved 65 (out of 6000) files to the linkup account. Without any sharing right now (since only couple of people did manage to move their files), 85 files were 12.8GB total, out of 75GB given only 5.1GB is taken. Which still makes 75GB WAY too small, but I guess I'll wait and see till everyone is on LinkUP
Couple of concerns already
1) How long till ALL 6000 files will be moved to the LinkUP, IF it took 4 whole days just to move 65 files?
2) There is NO EDIT function on the linkup - can't edit name or type of file. (or at least I couldn't see one)
3) I have no idea whats up with moving files from one folder to another. I tried to move couple just to check - LinkUP gives a message - "your files will be moved to this or that folder". However, the files are not moved instantly (as was done in Streamload or even Mediamax (if you didn't care about Move bug)), but there is some kind of delay in the LinkUP and I don't know for how long. Considering that there will be a lot of sorting/editing needed after 2 years horrible mess that MM left us in, this delayed MOVE function and non-existant EDIT function will make things frustrating to say the least
4) On the good side - all files that were in certain folders in MM are in the same folders in theLinkUP and FileManager files/folders are separated from the Saved Attachements files/folders

John Hood said...


it's just a date to schedule your transfer. that's it. your links will be fine. the exception would be imbedded links which we eventually won't support since we're discontinuing download limits.


we're looking at alternatives for the mover. we've extended the cut-off date to 4/30. The MM site will also remain up until 4/30.


we're not going to enforce the limits right away. the would be a nightmare. i need my rest. ;)


i can and do understand your frustration. for various reasons we can't bring all the files with us to TLU. Your best option is to upgrade for on month and then downgrade immediately after the switch.

anon- the signing up issue has been rectified.

katie- not to worry. there were some issues with the pricing page. i believe that those have been corrected. as i mentioned above, the cut-off has been extended.

EVERYONE- YES, saved attachments WILL show up in your TLU account.

Katie- everyone has been sent a notification. Check your junk or spam folders.
Covereds_place- We’ve answered just about everyone of these questions on the TLU blog. If you’ll notice comments are actually turned on on that blog also. Having said that I’ll try to post here more often.
Simon- No legal issues here. Nor have we broken any laws. I would suggest you read the terms and conditions more carefully. Again we have answered all of these questions our blog with the most recent post being on 4/22. We have had delays in answering our email in the recent past but have hired more staff and are past that. Advertising, marketing and sales division. You’re kidding right?  We are a tiny little company of less than a dozen people.
hawkecrystal- that’s simply not true. As I’ve stated earlier we’ve been posting regularly on the TLU blog. And frankly, many of the people who are complaining that we have not been communicating have asked questions and been ANSWERED on the other blog. Let’s all stick with the facts. One only need go to our blog to see what I’m talking about.
They’re in the process of being moved. Yes, same structure. Anything that you upload between now and the time your account is migrated will go over to TLU.

John Hood said...

The following usernames will be moved to TLU automatically in their entirety. There is nothing more for you to do.


John Hood said...

Everyone. Here are some important take aways:

1. Our blog is located here:
It is updated regularly.Comments are on. Check there for the latest updates.

2. The site and mover will continue to be available until 4/30.

3. Storage limits will not be enforced until the summer.

4. We will remain in beta for several weeks. Please understand and realize that there will be some bumps in the road now and again as with any technology release.

5. Saved attachments will follow you to TLU.

6. Social storage is not an evil creation of the Anit-Christ.

7. We will try to honor as many of your requests as possible, but do not have the resources to grant all of them.

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

Thanks for the move, John Hood!

I did find my MM email, dated 4/18, buried up among the Viagra and penis enlargement ads in my junk folder. LOL

EegahInc said...

Hmmm, I see my name didn't appear in the list of those whose accounts get moved. Not a shock really considering the large number of files I've already lost to Mediamax over the past year. The mover, of course, still doesn't work for me, and now Mediamax is refusing to let me download, even though I've used up only about half of my quota for the month. At this point, I assume my account is going to be a total wash.

Mr. Hood, I appreciate the need to keep your spirits up, but is joking really an appropriate response during this period? The few hundred dollars I've provided to your company over the past few years certainly isn't worth pursuing any sort of action over, but some of your mega-clients just might want to test that boilerplate language in your service agreement. Given the various consumer protection laws out there, I'd give either side a 50/50 chance of winning.

Oh well, there's still a few days left. I'll see what there is to salvage when it's all over before canceling my account for good.

John Hood said...

EegahInc- Not sure what I said to offend you but that was certainly not my intention.
Consider yourself added to the list of accounts to be migrated. My apologies if I missed your request.

John Hood said...

katie- YOU funny! Thanks! Your post made my day.

Dave said...

Awww Nuts... how come Dave didn't make the cut for all the move overs?!!

Have been trying to post on TLU blog, but my wordpad OpenID refuses to work on blogger... (at least that can be blamed on WordPad)

I tried to post this on TLU Blog

The uploader is now working quite well, but a few suggestions:

1. If an error does occur on some files, and the other files have finished uploading, there is no option to retry (would be nice) otherwise one has to trawl through countless files and drag them in again.

2. Also, if the uploader finds a duplicate file it seems to rename it automatically by default and then uploads it. For me, and I think for TLU owners, I do not want duplicate files taking up storage space?!! So it would be a good idea to make the default option SKIP, or give the 2 option? (good idea???)

Right I am off to do some more uploading as its working well, and better than MM.


P.S. If anyone would happen to be moving all my files (only a couple GB's) then let me know the details of where to send mine!!! ;-)

John Hood said...

leave your username Dave and I will fix you up.

Dave said...



Thank you!

octospider said...

Mr. Hood, the mover still doesn't work for me...

I have only about 2300 files or so in my account. Most of them photos and judging by the amount of files now listed as "unavailable" it seems I have lost a lot of them. Some of those were my only copy...

But that doesn't mean I would like for you, MM, to loose the rest of my files. Especially since I've paid for supposedly "safe" storage.

Account name is octospider.

Martin said...

Please add martin_e_hood to the move-all list.

SomeoneWhoReallyHatesMediaMax said...

I have been a paying subscriber of Streamload/MediaMax for years.

I lost about 60-70% of my files in that fiasco some time ago, some really important to me and utterly irreplaceable.

I have never received a single response from Streamload/MediaMax to any of my emailed requests for help.

The terms of use kept changing over the years so files that I uploaded before can no longer be downloaded unless I pay more to access what I originally paid to be able to store. (Logical, huh?)

Today I just went in and deleted all my remaining files in my MediaMax account. I've got almost a full year left on my current subscription - they've already moved me to LinkUp and taken the liberty of upping my price while they were at it.

Needless to say, I won't be paying when this current subscription expires.

I've done with my cursing and swearing at this company and these people, but let's just say that if curses were fishes these guys would be having seafood dinners for the rest of their lives.

May they have as much misery in their lives as they have caused me and all the other unhappy users of this fraudulent, useless, money-grubbing service!

Covereds Place said...

out of curiosity, when will the account move, as listed by john hood, happen.

checking every day if there's something there, but still awaiting those TB's

Bratton's Disciple said...

I have been trying to cancel my account with Mediamax since the 3rd March, 2008, after more and more of my files were unable to be located. I returned for only several months after a years absence, thinking that surely the problems would be sorted by then. But they were not. I do not receive any reply to my emails to support at mediamax, nor billing, nor any of the email addresses listed. I asked that my account was cancelled and it went quite after this.

I have had two unauthorised charges, have reported it to the FTC and BBB and have virtually begged for assistance from MM. I simply want this sorted and my two unauthorised charges reversed. Its not a great deal of money (2 x $4.95 but it is the princpal). Can anyone tell me how I might get this to cease?

Again, so far, all my emails have gone unanswered except the first one in which I was asked to supply details of the date etc the file was uploaded. I responded that I didn't want assistance, I just wanted the account closed (which I had asked for in the original email) and then I didn't hear from them again.

Guidance anyone?

Anonymous said...

When will the service be up and running?


Anonymous said...

Mover still doesn't work.... I'm sooo, soooo exhausted by all of this.....

Anonymous said...

The batch upload on thelinkup doesn't work and crashes IE Exploerer every time. Phew, this is just as bad as expected.

Hood seems hysterically upbeat in his posts. Hasn't he noticed that it's the usual disaster!?!? A slightly apologetic tone would be in order. Perhaps he's simply mad and this service is his revenge on a world that made him lose his sanity!

John Hood said...

Bratton- leave your username here and I'll take care of that for you.
Everyone- There are issues with the batch uploader. We've talked about that on our blog. We're working on resolving it.
Everyone- There's a queue for migrating files. It just depends on where your files live on our servers when it comes to us migrating your full account.

Bratton's Disciple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

still can not get the mover tool
to work.

can I please get my entire
account transfered too?

my username: borysama

octospider said...

Mover is still not working for me either. I too would like to have my entire account transferred.

Username: octospider

Dave said...

I had problems with the batch uploader, but the upload tool has been working very well. I hope they take on board the suggestions I made above though.

One thing is bothering me about all this and I wonder if John could comment on it?

Why has the marketing end of TLU been so poor (in my eyes)? e.g. Why the suddenness of it all, the move. No real user friendly change over ADs on either site?

Also, still now sign of my files having been moved?


IDD_Tree said...

Calling Mr. Hood ....

(I'm attempting to leave this comment for the 2nd time (I waited about 10 minutes after clicking publish and it hadn't shown up). Apologies to all if it appears twice.)

I see no point in posting to the Linkup blog comments - as I see no reply by 'team linkup' to any comments since the 24th. I haven't posted here previously, but was following along since near the beginning of this blog - stopping after a couple of months (being worn down by the lack of progress) - and starting up again with the 'birth' of Linkup (some might say 'interrupted abortion', but I wouldn't be so crass - Oh, I just was).

I opened a case with Linkup on the 24th, and also wrote directly to you. I outlined how I've been having problems since October 2006. Now, I realize the (at least) $1240.00 that I've paid to Streamload / Media Max since early 2003 isn't as much as some users, but it's a lot of money to me.

I've been trying to get the mover to work since the 18th. I've tried from 3 different computers. At times I can login and am told I won't be able to login again while it's processing. I try a bit later and am told that it's still processing. Then later I can login, and have to start all over. Repeat and rinse. Sheesh.

I'd like to ask here (as I did in my email to you) to have all of the files in my Media Max Pro account moved.
User = IDD_Tree
Case = CMQ-66251-387

Prior Case #'s (all unresolved, and just dropped by your support reps):

Hope you can help.

(PS: I also asked for a partial refund for the ~ 1 1/2 yrs of nearly unusable service, but that can hopefully be taken off line. My account is scheduled to be billed again on 6/26, and I need to have this resolved prior to that date).

Archie said...

Hi John Hood

Would you please add me to the list of move all files to TLU? I emailed you on 17 Apr but I didn't see my name in the list above. Thanks

ID y_know_archie

Archie said...

Hi John Hood

Would you please add me to the list of move all files to TLU? I emailed you on 17 Apr but I didn't see my name in the list above. Thanks

ID y_know_archie

Anonymous said...

May I make a suggestion?
Even with extention to April 30th, it looks like the Mover is still mulfunctioning for MOST of the big accounts, even if they did managed to access it and request to move their files - most of their files are still not moved.
Instead of extending deadline yet again, I would strongly suggest to either
1) Keep both MediaMax and theLinkUp accounts working till ALL files and accounts been transferred to theLinkUp
2) You can simply tranfer ALL files from ALL paying accounts include those pre and post July 2007 files.

Furthermore, if they is a delay any longer in the cutoff date - from April 30th to somewhere later in May (and Frankly speaking I see no way you can avoid it because of the disaster that MOVER tool turned out to be), you also MUST postpone the date when the Social Storage limits go into effect from June 1st to sometime later because MOST users will need at least a month maybe two to see if their "new" accounts would fit most of their files or they'll need to cut down their archive in size and they will need time to do so.

Finally, what MADE you pick late April thru early May as the transfer date? A huge number of your paying customers are college students, are you aware that this is a Finals time for most of them? Was it done on purpose to make sure not a lot of furor was raised because they don't have time to do so?

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to access the mover. All I get is:

" 0 file(s) were extracted from your MediaMax account on 1/1/0001. Extract again? You have no files to migrate. "

Dave said...

A timer on the uploader would also be a nice addition.


Dave said...

4. A Resume would also be very good

And to take off this bloody OpenID on the LinkUP blog so I can post there, as the OpenID does not work for Wordpress users. Name URL would be better ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm also having no joy with the mover tool. I've e-mailed twice

case number :
[ #DNP-68517-412]
[ #ILX-39930-137]

So also please add me to the move all list.
userid : workaholic

He said...

Hi John,

I've just emailed you my username to be added to the "move all" list and I've decided to leave a message here to grab your attention as well just in case you have a long list of unread emails. Please help move everything in my account to TLU. I'm making the effort to save all my attachments from my inbox right now. Thanks.

Username: rsaturn


Anonymous said...

well i might as well add my comment to this nice long list,

the mover isnt working for me either, so any chance i can get myself added to the list of "move all" accounts.

Account: ailen

spook1958 said...

Has anyone on the list of accounts John was moving 100%, been moved as yet?

I am nervous as my TLU account remains empty. I don't want them to rush it, I don't want to hassle them and I sure as hell don't want to lose any more files.

So please let me know that your files are moving across hassle free.


octospider said...

I was just told by the MM "support" that the deadline has now been extended to 5/09.

Anonymous said...

Check what I got in email:


Thanks for your email. We apologize for the issues you have been experiencing with the mover tool. We are taking the mover tool down today and instead will be moving all valid files from paid users' accounts. So there is no longer a need to use the mover tool or to choose files to move.

As a result, we expect the migration from MediaMax to The Linkup to take at least another two weeks. We are extending the MediaMax V5 life to Friday, May 9th.

Thanks for your continued patience as we work through this major upgrade.

MediaMax Support"

John Hood said...

Colin is correct. This post will go up on our blogs shortly.

Hi MediaMax users,

Migration update: As many of you have experienced, the "MediaMax to The Linkup mover" tool has not worked as planned. We are taking the mover tool down today and instead will be moving all valid files from paid users' accounts. So there is no longer a need to use the mover tool or to choose files to move.

As a result, the migration from MediaMax to The Linkup will take more time. We are extending MediaMax V5's life to Friday, May 9th. Thanks for your continued patience as we work through this major upgrade. We are doing everything possible to keep your MediaMax service up and running as normal during the move to The Linkup, and are listening to your feedback on The Linkup and getting it ready for primetime as soon as possible.

We have also received some great feedback from initial testing of The Linkup. First allow me to allay some concerns that have been raised:

Unlimited Storage. We believe that The Linkup can become the #1 platform for people to share files and maintain large file collections and backups - this is why we are introducing our new "Social Storage" concept. This will enable most users to have a virtually unlimited file collections on The Linkup. Even with our least expensive $5.95/mo account, we know there are many users who will be able to store terabytes of files in their account because of our Social Storage technology. We should have explained this better, and admittedly our current "My Profile" page does not make this clear - we're working on improving that.

Nearly all MediaMax V5 users will be under their "Social Storage Limit" on The Linkup.

The problem we have encountered in the past with offering blanket "unlimited storage" for everyone is that we end up with 95% of our users using the system as intended for personal collections and valid data (not random test data - literally!), but the other 5% of our users consuming 50% of the storage with years of database backups, video security camera logs, or other data that we did not originally intend the system to be used for. We believe our Social Storage policy will let our consumer customers create massive collections, but at the same time protecting our business so we can maintain a high-quality service.

Hosted Files. We will support existing MediaMax hosted links through Dec 31, 2008. For example, a file that is hosted at:

If people need more time (beyond Dec 2008) to update links to the new "" URL, we will consider extending this deadline near the end of the year. But please start using the new URL as soon as possible.

Those are the three big issues we've heard about (mover tool, unlimited storage, and hosted files). But if you have other concerns, please let us know -

In addition, here is some insight to other bugs or confusing areas on The Linkup that we've heard about and are already working on:

- Pricing page. No, you can't get the same thing for $5.95 or $58.95. One should be labeled "monthly", and one "annual". A new pricing page is coming soon…
- IE6 doesn't work as well as IE7 or Firefox. (a) we really recommend you use Firefox for The Linkup (and any Internet browsing in general), but (b) we are working on improving our IE6 support. "Profile" is the new "Hosted" and should provide direct links to your files with pretty URLS. It currently does not but will soon…
- Receive files from other people. We will be adding another option to the upload confirmation page, that allows people (anyone, they do not need an account) to send files to your The Linkup account.

That's it for now!


John Hood said...

Please be aware that processing is currently behind by 10 minutes on v5. It will take that long some uploaded files to appear in your account. We are working on resolving the situation.

dave said...

ERM... Seem likes u guys did an update on TLU... Now all the folders have vanished from the side bar. . .

nigoki said...

If unlimited storage really disappear, I'll have to say goodbye to 8 years of cooperation with Streamload/Mediamax.
I can't share most of my files since they won't interess many people.

Anonymous said...

Today I signed on to The Linkup and noticed that a considerable number of Saved Attachment folders didnot make the transfer. Should I be concern or is it a matter of time before they appear.

John Hood said...

anonymous- those files will show up eventually.

John Hood said...

Several people- The timing has nothing to do with college schedules or anything else. It's simply when the first version of the product was finished. The reason it hasn't been marketed is because this is a soft launch with the real deal coming sometime in June.

Dave said...


So if the launch is officially in June, why move MediaMax now. I mean I understand the need for preparation and things. But, from a marketing biz development side. If MediaMax ceases to function, and TLU isd still in Beta, then you are loosing a slew of new customers!

I am sure you know the hassels of name change, but still there is little publicity around for TLU, which is a shame. And anyone using search engines will no doubt come across these blogs and shy away.

Just the same as doing secure online transactions...would you use a browser still in Beta format?


Anonymous said...

I have been a member of streamload since 2003.Streamload was perfect.This mediamax and now Link up continue to disappoint.Problems with the mover tool , launch date has now changed to June.Im can longer trust this company.I had my account already moved and they moved not even half of my account .Wish Iverson and company well but I will longer continue to be let down and disappointed by them.Sent a e-mail to cancel my account today.I will never trust any company Iverson is behind

Covereds Place said...


just noticed today that my TLU account gets loaded with MM files.


I do miss A LOT like:

- still folders from filemanager
- saved attachments
- uploaded files
- hosted

are they still processing or can i assume they're lost in the transfer.

Besides that, if i look at it now, there's no way i can afford to pay for the amount stored right now.

Hvae been uploading to TLU today as well, and finished it with the message: user exceeded storaage limit. Going back to My Files the folders show, but no files or anything showing up. Does this has to do with the exceeded storage or is there a delay for ........hours?

*crosses fingers files from MM show up in TLU*

Katie said...

No signs of my account being moved yet.
But, the same problem that I had in the past (video files uploaded in the fall of 2006) has turned up again.
I had painstakingly corrected and re-uploaded most of these files a year ago, and now the links are failing again!
What is it about files uploaded in the fall of 2006 that is so troublesome for MM?? A faulty server?

Now I suppose I will have to re-upload all these video files again, for the third time! sheesh.

DAve said...

I am usually a very patient person... but really I am beginning to lose it.

Katie if you are going to upload again, why not use a new service?

I joined with worked, just do back to that system.

TLU update: Uploader TOOL asked for update, now no longer working. Website batch uploader not working.

Getting tired of this


Katie said...

If anyone knows of a similar service out there, I'm all ears. I'm just not aware of one, and that is part of the problem here, I think...MM has everyone by the short-hairs. A monopoly on a particular service is no incentive to provide a good service, is it?

Streamload did work well, but there must have been some issue with it, such as not being able to handle the number of customers, or it cost too much to run. Speaking of which, cost is the major reason for this push to switch to Linkup (along with MM just not being a good service...). John Hood has referenced how a small number of people were responsible for TB's of stored data, and were not properly paying for such. So, voila!, there goes the 'unlimited storage' and here comes the higher prices. I suspect this Linkup platform isn't going to be significantly different from MM's, however. MM just wants a different set-up so they feel they are getting a big enough profit.

A great example of a well-run, reasonably priced online storage service is Photobucket. They are always coming up with new tweaks to their service (such as batch picture and video uploaders, photo editors) that work well. And they rarely crash or are 'down' for maintenance. They are well worth the annual fee. Can't say the same for any post-Streamload's as if it were designed and run by a group of primates, not humans with (hopefully) business and computer degrees.

John Hood might be a great person who is doing the best he can as the head of customer service, but the rest of the company...well, I've already said it.

Dave said...

The tech end of it seems to be a significant part of the problem. But to launch/prelaunch/whatever like this is bad for any business.

I do get replies from the customer support. And they are always fine, no complaints. My biggest bone of contention is this short notice for free subscribers, and the lack of moving for others and deleting of old files. Its called storage... not time limited options before deletion. Not to mention this really really bad PR business practice of not letting people know in time. Get tons of complaints (theres a surprise) and then put every thing back again by a few weeks. A lack of notice about anything. No Business development plans.

Really, why not get everything up and running first? ( unless they lack hardware, which I suspect). And then once all is running, already have transfered the files for people people. Then email 1 Quarter in advance. Explain the why hows and whos of the move. People would then be asked to start using The link up.

If its a lack of resources, then do it order, but tell people, let the oldest subscribers have their files moved first etc.

Write notification on the site. Plugged it a bit. Not just act like a company based out of someones basement...

There are alternatives, search the posts and you will find them.


Anonymous said...

I was browsing the blog when I noticed this:

---From John Hood response on earlier post
Bottom line here is that most of the Streamload senior management (and the bulk of the staff for that matter) went to Nirvanix. Steve and I moved across the street to start MediaMax.

So does that mean that all the competence and know-how went to Nirvanix? Would that perhaps be a better alternative for storage ?

UDH said...

This is really poor..really poor policy by mediamax. I am a free service user and looking at the customer's reply who have been paying for the service, I really do not see any reason to continue with MediaMax.

Free service is really a hoax! 25Gb Free Storage! Yeah! That is true. But when you get a notice that says within few days for free users your files(i.e. 25Gb) will be soon deleted, you try to download them and backup. And then you find the real reason for providing 25Gb free storage. MediaMax allows to download only 10mb size files( i.e. 0.0390625 PERCENT of 25Gb). Remaining files with size > 10 mb, forget them. Either delete them or just keep them hosted so MediaMax is taxed for hosting those and then they delete those files at the end of their always extending deadline.

Why did they create such a panic in users?

Even if you are a less than dozen people company, you could really do better than this. If the brains behind these company are working behind time and can't estimate future expansion, show them the door and hire new, skilled people.

Now I am so discouraged with the free service that thinking of a paid service with new TLU (thelinkup) is impossibility. If I am not assured of my files, if the company gives a one week notice to move files or else they will be deleted, and even they now upgrade and provide more up/download limits, I am not going to continue to use mediamax or thelinkup.

Thanks to mediamax, I have now deleted my all files > 10mb because I was unable to download them unless I upgrade subscription, which many people here on this blog will tell that it is not a wise option.

I am really looking forward to other options for hosting, but this time I am going to use a paid service than such a free horrible hoax.

Anonymous said...

just came across this website where consumers can actually protest against a service provider, you can write your experience and review for mediamax/thelinkup on this page which i just created:

Anonymous said...

Well I had about 160gb on the website { paying subscriber}- was using it as a backup.

I never recevied the email, just logged into linkup- only see my last few files!

What a swizz:- Somebody needs to sue the pants off these guys.

I was also an original streamload user who lost a ton of data on the move to mediamax.


Poonam Sharma said...

Hi, I was never notified about MediaMax being changed to Linkup. I don't understand why they are holding my data hostage to get a paid membership from me.

I don't want any membership, I just want my files. Is there any way I can get justice. Writing to Linkup support has been no help. :(

Anonymous said...

let's face it, hardly anyone got an email about this move

i lost 20 GB of back-ups i had stored, being a free user

and i was planning to download it today & torrent it for myself....guess thats not gonna happen

Bratton's Disciple said...

John Hood; You need to be aware that mediamax, the linkup etc still has unethical billing practices. I appreciate your previous intervention into my long winded attempt to cancel my account, but prior to your intervention, to stop further charges, I input a test credit card number to stop unathorised charges on my card. My account is long since cancelled, but I received an email from the linkup two days ago saying my cedit card had failed. OBviously your company was trying again (despite the cancellation and what a problem that was) to charge a credit card. This is not only unethical but quite likely unlawful. You need to address as an absolute priority.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious nightmare. With no warning thelinkup deleted over 200 TERRABYTES of files I had stored. I was supposedly grandfathered in pricewise since streamload at $19.95 for 50 gigs of dl and unlimited uploads. Now for $29.95 they deleted all my files except one 20 kb chapter of one of my books AND now I have upload caps of 200 gigs. This is total bait and switch and the fact that they did this with zero warning, zero emails, and zero chance to even recover some of my files is absurd. I put up with years of mediamax sucky service simply because they had my files hostage. And now this? They need to be sued for breech of contract, badly.

Nate said...

Did you guys notice that the Titanic of file storage - The Linkup/Media Max has now taken down the comments on their blog which consists of an update of the many technical problems they actually admit to.

And charging peoples credit cards fraudulently? These people should be arrested and should serve a life sentence lecturing business students about how they ran their failure Linkup/Media Max so these students can learn how NOT to run a business.

That site is a disgrace. And everytime they are about to get nailed for fraudulent activity, they think a simple name change will let them get away with it.