Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leave your comments on The Linkup blog

Well MediaMax is now dead and The Linkup, if not properly live, is certainly touting for business.

It bills itself as: "The best place to store and share files on the web."

Maybe if 'store' is taken to mean 'upload with a risk of losing forever and the possibility of having your free account closed down and all files dumped with just a week's notice', which is the service MediaMax provided.

And 'share' has to mean 'share until we decide to change the name to escape our piss poor image in which case links to you files will die when we can no longer be bothered to redirect them'.

One positive development is The Linkup blog accepts comments. So leave them at:

If comments are disabled there, you can use the unofficial blog at:

This blog will remain as a historic record of how MediaMax delivered on its claim to be the best file storage and sharing service.


Anonymous said...

Right now, when you go the new Link Up address this is the message you get:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error
Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a customErrors tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This customErrors tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

Mmmmmmmm, I'm getting a familiar feeling....

Henry Paine said...

Wow, this is unbelievably bad business practice being displayed by MediaMax. I opened up a free account less than 2 weeks ago. I was reformatting my hard drive and MediaMax was my only backup for my files. I uploaded a bunch of stuff, information about my medications, important email correspondence and 160 mp3s. I never saw any warnings about them switching over to TheLinkup. I signed in today in order to retrieve my files only to find that MediaMax no longer exists. Thank you so much MediaMax. And don't for a second think I'm fooled. This switchover to TheLinkup is part and parcel of what your company is about. Switching over to a new URL and dumping the free accounts is one of your business tactics. Eventually TheLinkup will become defunct and turn into something else in an effort to get more free subscribers to turn into paid subscribers. Anyone with a peabrain knows that this switch to TheLinkup doesn't need to be done. The ONLY thing this switchover is about is providing more money to your company. It's not about providing new services to your customers. If you think I'm going to get an account at your new site you're insane. And I'm going to inform as many people on the net as I can that TheLinkup is a scam.

Anonymous said...

My account is still completely empty of my mediamax files. I don't even have one file transferred over. The only files I do have are some that were sent to me yesterday and navigating those few is painfully slow.

I know I'm not the only one that has no files, so come on Mr. Hood. What happened?

(Not that I expect to get an answer.)

Anonymous said...

Aside from the labyrinth of technical switch-over problems, I'm already not liking The Link Up in itself. As far as I can make out, when you create links they just take people to a page where you can view or download the files - but NOT directly to the files themselves. So, I can no longer use it for embedding and directly streaming my showreel, the main purpose of a hosting/storage site and the only reason I stuck with Godawful mediamax. Also, the links have generated incomprehensable names, not the names of the files themselves. Unless I'm missing something, the Link Up does not fulfill my basic requirements.

Perhaps Mr. Hood can elaborate....!

Anonymous said...

just came across this website where consumers can actually protest against a service provider, you can write your experience and review for mediamax/thelinkup on this page which i just created:

Anonymous said...

JohnHood, if you ever show up here, please explain, why is that I have exactly ZERO files in my TLU account, and my MM account was on the list you were going to migrate completely?
Weren't MOST of the files supposed to migrate last friday and the rest tickle over next 30 days? From what I can gather on this blog and on the official TLU blog, MOST of paying MM customers didn't have any of their files migrated to TLU. In fact, among those with some files migrated, no files been moved to TLU since May 2nd.
Furthermore, TLU is not stable and went down at least 4 times since Friday with errors (when it was supposed to be down only for 1 hr from 3 to 4pm PST).

Please explain to us, WHY should we pay for non-existant service which frankly starting to look WORSE than MediaMax, which really surprised my since I thought MM is as low as your company will go?

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, do you really think that ANY of your streamload/mediamax costumers will stay with you if you lost their file archives completely?
However bad MM was, at least it migrated the files normally from streamload. TLU can't do even that much.
Frankly speaking you have about 30 days additional which you said you will need to migrate our archives completely, if by June 9th All of our files from MM are not there, not only you will be facing with the loss of most of your paying costumers but with class action suit on our behalf to return ALL of our fees starting from August 22, 2006 when you messbegotten adventure with MediaMax/TheLinkUp began.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get any news from MediaMax about having to have a pay account by April 25. I just resubscribe to Mediamax since my HD crashed and would like some of my old file back. Most of the files I wanted to download can not be download and few days since then here I'm with an empty folder TLU account. I have over 50TB worth of files. Like most have stated, Mediamax was crappy but TLU just really suck. If my files do not return, then goodbye. I really miss the good old days of streamload.

Anonymous said...

We need a lawyer and fast, we need to get this scum in the courts and shut them down for good!

How long are you people going to let them keep getting away with this.

No matter how many times they change their name, the simple fact is they haven't worked for coming up to 2 years now, yet they are still taking money off customers.

I will pan this scum at every chance I get.

Steve Iverson - YOU ARE A THIEF!

Anonymous said...

So it's now Monday morning (UK time) and I STILL have no files except ones that other people have uploaded and sent to me since the changeover.

Also I DESPISE the new interface. It is not intuitive or user friendly in the slightest. It took me ages just to figure out where files sent to me were located.

I also notice that Mr. Hood has been very quiet over the last few days...

Anonymous said...

John Hood here.Sorry I been away.I been busy all weekend SPENDING your money.

Anonymous said...

No files transferred to my account either. That is bad. It also looks like non users can no longer upload files to my account without signing up first. I was even willing to give them my password so they could log in as me and upload picture files for a slideshow I'm doing...but there is no interface for me to change my password or edit my profile.

Essentially the service is non-functioning and all my files are gone. I'll give you a week to iron this out, or my paid account is ending....assuming there is a place to even do that.

Anonymous said...

hello fellow MM users

so we all agree about this un-necessary move/switch to TLU, even i disagree even though it's too late for me to make a move

at least my yahoo photo account was informed about the move and transfer to flickr, as in when/if you sign on, you get the msg saying they were switching and gave 1 month time period to decide whether you like to move or download all my pics for free (yes ALL pics, even if the album is over 25 GB)

I just came back from my vacation and to come to find out not only did I not recieve any emails about the move, nor was I even asked to transfer anything to TLU, even if I'm a free user (like - now flickr)

I had over 6 GB of saved pictures, over 60 MP3's and a few anime episodes that i saved on my account

geez, nothing is working out for me lately, I come back from vacation and all kinds of stuff are dead

one of my youtube subscribed user got suspended, MM I believe probably deleted my 6GB backup since I haven't gotten any notice about it, 2-3 sites has been shut down with only 1 that's rebuilding again from scratch

oh,i remember now, last month in Febuary, I was downloading my own files, and I hit the max amount of DL's and they told me the next time I would be able to download from my account was April 18th, 2008, but then I releazed that i'd be on vacation, so I was thinking "oh, I'll just download them when I come back" you know? a normal thinking response

who knew it would be all deleted when I come back, thanks a lot MM

based on the 2 blogs I've read, I don't believe I'll get ANY of my backup files now

good going MediaMax, GOOD GOING

well, then again, guys, think about it, 25 GB free online storage hosting and everything else, I doubt there's any other site thats like this, so of course they are probably going to make it into business

Jn183 said...

Posting with my Streamload/mediamax account...

I really do not see the point in using TLU since I probably won't receive email notice telling me all my files will be deleted. They could go ahead and check my account history. I used to be a loyal subscriber to Streamload but quality of service just kept going down hill since V4 SL to now this TLU issue. I disliked MM so much that I downgrade my account to free and did voice my problem but never got reply unlike back in SL days when I get reply and within 24hr.

Like someone posted above, I didn't receive any news about this whole TLU transfer and massive delete of free account. Therefore, I activated my account since I wanted to get some files from my 100TB.. ONE HUNDRED TERABYTE account which I uploaded over the years and received from friends also. Now all those files are gone. Most of those files I could never get from anywhere. TY SL/MM/TLU for screwing me over. If you check your history, in the last 5 years.. I have been a paying members for at least 4 of those.

It's really funny when I see TLU main page saying... you could have free account. WHy would I want to even bother creating a free account when my files will get deleted without me knowing.

Also, IT WOULD be nice to have posted this news on the MM login page which stayed the same since SL turned into MM. Members such as myself who kept coming back to SL/MM would have been aware of this since MM was too unprofessional in doing a massive email to everyone that has an account with them.

Sorry, I'm just very upset at this. Luckly I didn't went and bought the $30 subscription but still the one below it is still like giving MM free money since I can not get any file from my account now.

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice place to review web storage sites. Let's at least let others know that they should avoid these thieves!

Anonymous said...


MediaMax owners behaviour- is a very good example of the impudent, inconsiderate, cynical attitude to people in general and to the clients in particular. A former slogan "The best place..." looks in a view of last events by like a mockery.

There are unpleasant questions. My account does not exist any more, but I cannot register new one with such Whether have files really been removed? Have you thought of it?...
I have there only about 100 files, but some important things were there...this is unhuman behavior...we lost our files and information, but they'll lose us, our friends and friends of our friends!

THIS IS A REPUTATION. And 'new' Linkup gets it with disgusting, shameful MediaMax' death. Hey folks, let's together boycotte it.

What do they think about us? Who we are for them??


John Hood said...


We're working on fixing the bugs with the links.
We're moving files as fast as we can. This is taking longer than expected because after the decision was made to move all files.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please keep an eye on the Linkup blog for future updates. I won't be checking in here as often since our blog takes comments.

Anonymous said...

John -

You have been repeating the same mantra for three years now.

Do you think we are all stupid?

No matter how many times you change your company name and re-brand, your product does not work, it's that simple.

Stop lying to us and start been honest about the shambles that are representing.

The momentum to get your company a bad name is gathering and I hope we can put you out of business very quickly.

You are causing a lot of people a lot of problems, as well as taking thier money and that is just wrong.

Kendra said...

Hey, Kendra from here - truly sorry to hear what's going on (or not going on, as the case may be). We just wanted to extend an offer to check us out, and let you know that there is a legit service out there for your online storage. The best part- we're not going anywhere. Just follow the link: Box Offer

DocX said...

I just found out the other day that MediaMax switched to The LinkUp. I was a free user. I never received the email saying that the service was switching over. I told them about this, yet they're adamant about saying that they sent it to everyone. They're saying that, for me to get my files back, I have to sign up as a paid user.

After all the trouble I'm seeing other people having, I don't think I want to become a paying member. Their service was always breaking on me, so I decided to not pay for the service until they got it running smoothly.

I'm wanting to know how many people did not receive an email. I'm greatly appreciative of your help! Thanks!

Tom Bassett said...

I've had ENOUGH.

I've posted a call to action on my site - - please visit and contribute your Mediamax/Nirvanix/Streamload/Linkup horror stories!

Giwuken said...

C where your money went:
his profile:*2_Steve_Iverson

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